1984 July 1 : Newspaper article, "Yung Mei Ling signed another five years".

1984 July 1: Newspaper article, "Yung Mei Ling status made a triple jump with signing a five-year contract".

1984 July 1: Cover magazine TV News Weekly 454

1984 July 4: Newspaper article, “TVB’s star of vitality promotes ice skating”.

1984 July 4: Magazine interview Ching Ya Weekly Issue 91, 'Making the most of a woman's life (耍花槍既可怡情又顯本性)'

1984 July 6: Cover magazine Xinghe Weekly

1984 July: Cover magazine Hong Kong video news 17

1984 July: Poster magazine Sisters Pictorial 254

1984 July 10: Cover magazine

1984 July 12: Pictures press conference of "Youth 84 Trends in Summer" at Marco Polo Hotel

1984 July 17: Cover magazine Gold TV Weekly 466

1984 July 19: Cover magazine TV Week 872

1984 July 24: Gold TV Weekly

1984 July: Video of Yung Mei Ling as background dancer in aerobics show

1984 July: Video of Yung Mei Ling performing Kung Fu dance

1984 July 27: Newspaper article, "Yung Mei Ling took part in TVB's promotion of olympic game events".

1984 July 27: Newspaper articles, "Yung Mei Ling acts in teleplay "Chor Lau Heung"".

1984 July 27: Newspaper article, “Yung Mei Ling likes to act in “The New Adventure of Chor Lau Heung””

1984 July: Video of Yung Mei Ling ring twirling as part of activity campaign.

1984 July 28: Pictures of Yung Mei Ling on Olympic bustour.

1984 July 29: Video of Yung Mei Ling as presentator of Dynamic stars

1984 July: Magazine article with comment Yung Mei Ling about olympic games Los Angeles

1984 July: Magazine article written by Yung Mei Ling 'My childhood Life (翁美玲的童年生活)'.

1984 July: Magazine interview Hong Kong TV 872, 'The Lightness and Vitality of Yung Mei Ling (翁美玲輕盈的活力)'

1984 July: Magazine interview 'The Great Confession (星河周刊.大逼供-翁美玲)'

1984 July: Magazine interview 'Vibrant and energetic. (活力十足.心境成熟)'





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