Vibrant and energetic.

[Interview with Yawng]

Yau Tsim District Health Day
The newest and oldest of the youngsters, such as Kent Tong, have seen their chances of acting diminished, but Kent Tong is still one of the more fortunate youngsters in the movie industry, often having sex with the female lead.

"I am a workaholic. But if Kent is busy, I blame him for not spending time with me. But I think it's unforgivable for a boyfriend to be inconsiderate."

Weng Meiling also blames herself for being petty. The psychological pressure on men is much heavier than that on women, especially those who are in the arts, and if they don't take advantage of their youth, they will not be able to make it. She is prepared to give herself five years to do so.

"I'll give myself two to three more years, and if I don't get any further, I'll just go into business."

One of her fellow unsuccessful contestants is in the fashion industry and the other is in the advertising industry. However, it seems that Charlotte's luck is not as good as Weng Meiling's. Recently, she even took drugs and died for a married man.

"I would never be so stupid as to kill myself for love. It's a waste of time and energy. Besides, I know I don't have the courage to commit suicide. Everyone says that the entertainment industry makes people mature. I didn't think I would change my mind so quickly." She's not getting older, she's getting more worldly.

"I'm still a very energetic girl. Otherwise, why would TVB have asked me to be the 'Star of Vitality'?"

Starting with "Wong Yung", she has been doing costume films, often with swords and knives. The more she fights and kills, the more physical training she gets, the more solid her body becomes.

"It is not bad to do costume films, but I don't have the chance to wear nice clothes, and I don't even have time to add new ones.  I'm so jealous of the other female artists who have their clothes sponsored and can use their private partners to get new ones every day."

TVB spreads vitality to all districts in Hong Kong, and specially sent the "Vitality Star" Ms. Melissa Ong and "Vitality Team" members Mr. Cheung Siu Fai, Mr. Tsui Man Wah and Mr. Lam Wai Kin to attend and participate in the "Yau Tsim District Health Day" held at Leung Hin Lee Yau Ma Tei Community Centre. In addition, various games, injury demonstration, health check-ups, slideshows and movies were held.




  ◎翁美玲活力操 油尖區健康日














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