37 Belsize avenue, Belsize park London. In this house Barbara had her bedsitflat  (number 10) from september 1978 till april 1982. The house has been renovated now into a guest house. Inside there is nothing left of the original. The outside has not changed. It is possible now to rent a room is the same house where Barbara lived.


1978 going to london 4 klein


A recent view from the window that once was Barbara's bedsit. The view hasn't changed much in the last 35 years.



first floor belsize avenue



The floor plan of the first floor of 37 Belsize avenue at the time Barbara lived there.






 Two pictures taken at Hampstead heath, a nice park near her flat where Barbara and I often went for walks




The underground station Belsize park. Barbara took the undergorund from here everyday to go to Southhampton row, where the art college is. To reach the trains you can chose between taking an manually operated elevator or taking a very steep and long staircase. Barbara often took the stairs as she did not like to be in the crowded elevator cabin.




The route Barbara walked every day from her bedsit to the underground station. On the upper right corner you can see the beginning of the beautiful park Hampstead Heath. It is often used as location for shooting movies (for example Notting Hill).


IMG 8257


The present entrance of Central school of Art and Design at Southampton row, Holborn in Central London


IMG 4794


This used to be the main entrance of the art college at the time that Barbara studied here.


IMG 8261


IMG 8263


The two picture above show the beautiful, impressive and well preserved inside of the art college.


Before Barbara moved to Histon she lived in London, Barkinside, in the period 1973 till 1976. They had a Chinese take-away. The pictures below show the present owners and the shop.

barkinside chip shop1

barkinside chip shop2

barkinside chip shop3


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