Blog from Chak, the person who knows the most about Barbara during her period of fame in Hong Kong.

Weibo blog

Weibo blog about Weng Meiling, daily updated (翁美玲超话#)

Weibo blog2

Weibo blog about Weng Meiling (#怀念翁美玲# )

Chinese blogsite from the Barbara Yung fanclub.

Yung Hui (HYH) made the  MISS YOU FOREVER# website on November 12, 1998 and it became the official website for Weng MeiLing fans because of its detailed information. But it has not been updated for a long time.

台灣翁迷 Yung Hui (HYH) 於1998年11月12日建立了 MISS YOU FOREVER#懷念翁美玲# 網站 网页链接 [给力],因資料詳盡,曾被翁迷冠以官方網站之名…,但已很久沒再更新了,今年是建站22周年紀念。

(source: ) and and and The mails exchange between me and Loulan just after I discovered about  Barbara's life  in Hong Kong in 2010.

A short description of Barbara's life, in English

An extensive Chinese blog site for Barbara fans

A Chinese blogsite, not updated since 2015

Beautiful website made by Ischa


Barbara Yung Commemoration Group

In Loving Memory of Barbara Yung Mei Ling

Barbara Yung Mei Ling

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