In January 2018 the old white tombstone has been replaced with a new black one. Now including the grave of Barbara's mother.

2018 gravestone 02


The easiest way to get to the cementery is by bus. Take the bus with direction Newmarket (number 11 or 12) it leaves from the busstation in Cambridge

Bus to cemetery


On the 22nd of june 2013 I visited Barbara's grave. There were many flowers left behind. Most of them were withered. Probably put there on Barbara's birthday or on the 14 th of may. There was one fresh flower bouquet.  I cleaned the grave and had a long sit beside it. Asking myself why such a nice wonderfull person had to have such a sad life.

These are the pictures I took.

2013 DSCN3930

Approaching Barbara's grave.


2013 DSCN3928

Barbara's grave when I arrived


2013 DSCN3929

Barbara's grave after I cleaned it up.



On the 29th of June 2012, I visited Barbara's grave again. It was warm and mostly sunny day.  When I arrived I discovered that the grave hadn't been maintained the last few months. It was overgrown with weeds and the rosebush was getting very large, covering most of the grave. Time for me to do some clearing up. As I had no garden equipment with me I had to do everything by hand.


While I was attacking the rosebush I noticed that a Chinese couple in their early twenties were looking at me from some distance. It occurred to me that they might be visiting Barbara's grave. So I cleared up most of the mess I made and walked with it to rubbish dump. And yes I was right, the couple immediately went to the grave. As my rug sac was still at the grave and I still had some more clearing to do I thought I better explain to them what I was doing. So I went back to the grave and introduced myself. Obviously the couple did not recognize me and they felt very uncomfortable with me being there. They asked me what I was doing and if I did this every day. They also told me that Barbara had been a very famous actress. I told them that I knew Barbara very well and only visited the grave once a year. I asked them if they had a knife to help me clear away some of the rose bush. That must been a strange situation for them asking for a knife while I standing there with bleeding hands, sweating from the work and making as it seems a mess. They said they couldn't help me and quickly walked away from this awkward situation for them. I think I might have spoiled their visit to Barbara's grave. They probably hoped for a more peace full visit.

I stayed another two hours at the grave, the couple didn't come back. This was for me the first time I met Barbara fans in real life, which was kind of special for me.  


Barbara's grave when I arrived.


Barbara's grave when I left




Barbara's grave can be found at:

Cambridge City Cemetery Newmarket Road Cambridge CB5 8PE

graf plattegrond

graf plattegrond detail


Picture taken in 2011

A fan (Barfan)  made this video of Barbara's grave in 2010




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