Website about the life of Yung Mei Ling, 翁美玲     (7 May 1959 - 14 May 1985) 

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    Childhood Fan 5 days ago
    Just came across your website a week ago and have finished reading your stories of Barbara. Thank you for sharing them and giving us an insight into her life that we would've never known. Have you published your book yet? If so, what is the title and ISBN #? Would love to read the book.
  • Guestbook 2020 and later
    Yee 1 week ago
  • Guestbook 2020 and later
    hk港剧港乐 1 week ago
  • Poem written by Barbara in 1972
    Wen Zhang 2 weeks ago
    I was there at her tome stone yesterday and cleaned up the old flowers and place a bundle of new flower. I feel deeply connected to her and finally managed to visit her recently when I traveled to Cambridge. It is amazing you sorted out her hand written poem, which seems to bring her closer to me. like a neighbor friend.
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    Shihe 2 weeks ago
    あなたの身がすでに死んだが、その模様やその声は永遠に私たちの記憶の中に刻まれてる。どうか、その世界におやすらかに過ごせるように願ってやまない。 永遠の蓉儿である翁美玲へ 2023/09/11 14:28

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