Cambridge is a beautiful city and a very romantic one as well. These pictures show what I mean, Barbara and I have been to all these places. I leave it to your own imagination to get a sense of how that felt.

These pictures were taken by my father in 1977.


In 2012 I did another tour of the sites of Cambridge, I made these pictures...

One of the fans of Barbara made this video of her visit to Cambridge

2012 cambridge visit by fan1

2012 cambridge visit by fan.2

This video can also be seen at:


Barbara and I normally arranged to meet each other in the Botanical gardens in the weekends (Barbara told her family that she was going there to draw some flowers). In 2012 I did the walk again from my parents house to the Botanical gardens (about 15 minutes). This walk brought back many memories. These are the pictures I took from the walk, things hadden't changed.


Parkers piece, the enormous playing area near the CCAT where Barbara and I used to go to lay down in the grass. These pictures were taken in 2012, things haven't changed and still lovers meet each other here to lay down and be happy together.


Below pictures of places which are mentioned in the stories.

Tennison road, the house were most of our Chinese friends lived.

tennison road

tennison road 83

Here these pictures of Barbara were taken.

1976 with guitar in room San

1976 with Rob in room San

Our Bridgacre the appartmentbuilding, where we had our flat


The park around Bridgacre

bridgeacre park

Guestroad (next to the CCAT), the place where Di and Steve lived, the meeting place for all our friends.

East road park (near the CCAT), with the childrens playing where Barbara and I often went to, to hang around.

park east rd mill rd

A map of the area around the CCAT, marked with the walk to the busstation which we walked every day.

plattegrond cambridge


A map of the area around our appartment Bridgacre with the CCAT marked as well

plattegrond bridgeacre ccat


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9 years ago
Nice pictures, Cambridge quaint and romantic....
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9 years ago
oh cambriage is really a beautiful and romantical place,how i wished barbara could return to England if she didnot feel happy rather than do that .
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9 years ago
so sad.
...old date the distant like in dream
sentiment remains , which lover nowhere to be seen...
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11 years ago
Nice pictures! I must say I like the 1977 ones better! :D

Many Chinese know about Cambridge for its world renown university, and maybe also because one of the most famous Chinese poets and his well known poem about Cambridge:

But of course, we Barbara fans know and visit Cambridge for another distinct reason! :lol:
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