1982 May: Miss Hong Kong Pageant Semifinal

1982 May: Miss Hong Kong Pageant Final

1982 August: Press gathering for start TVB afternoon talk show "Woman today"

1982 August: Barbara's first appearance as TVB hostess of the talkshow Woman Today (English subtitles)

1983 the making of The Legend of the Condor Heroes

1983 short interview during shooting Legend of de Condor Heroes part 3 (subtitled)

1983 video bloopers Barbara and Michael Miu

1983 June TV interview by actress Si MaYin

1983 visiting candidates for JSG

1983 TV interview talking about clothes (subtitled)

1983 August: movie Mad mad 83

1983 September: video taken during shooting Man in the middle

1983 singing duet with Kent

1983 Entertainment tonight red team: "Tug of war" (rope pulling)

1983 Entertainment tonight red team: feather blowing

1983 Entertainment tonight red team: Limbo dance

1983 Entertainment tonight red team: string pulling

1983 September 10: Starlight competition charity event

1983 promotional video clip of the 16th Anniversary Celebration of TVB

1983 November 19: celebration show 16 years TVB

1983 TV clip with 2 apples

1984 January 10: Barbara talking in TV interview about her first love (subtitled)

1984 February 14: Valentine’s day special

1984 February 16: Chinese new year celebration for radio station

1984 February: Promotional activities of "The Foundation

1984 March: Singapore TV Barbara singing "Do not pick roadside wildflowers"

1984 May: interview during the making of United we stand

1984 Barbara performing Kung Fu dance

1984 July 29: Barbara presentator Dynamic stars

1984 August: Activity campaign at swimming pool

1984 Barbara taking part in Hong Kong Star synchronized gymnastics

1984 Hazeline Snow advertisement

1984 Barbara as background dancer in aerobics show

1984 Barbara participating in the Royal Hong Kong Legion military training.

1984 clip Barbara and Kent playing a discussion about ring

1984 black dress

1984 October 25: Barbara performing in vibrant star show (subtitled)

1984 preparing sword scene in the serie New Adventures of Chor Lau-heung

1984 Ring twirling with kids

1984 short interview Barbara and Kent (subtitled)

1984 Singapore TV Barbara singing "Do not pick roadside wildflowers" (subtitled)

1984 TV interview in Barbara's apartment with Kent (subtitled)

1985 advertisement for recruiting contestants HK pageants contest (subtitled)

1985 May 9: Barbara's last television recording (subtitled)

1985 May: Emerald Stars Parade, dancing the theme song of The legend

1985 May: four season anniverse show TVB








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