84.7.1 "Ta Kung Pao" report.

Weng Meiling returned to the wireless publicity photo yesterday, she revealed that she signed a five-year contract with "Wireless". This is a matter of more than a month ago. She said that she would not disclose the salary increase.

Is there a 100% increase like Tony Leung? She laughed and didn't answer, but there is a hint: even if it is not 100%, it will not be less.

She said that she had tried to request a two-year renewal but was not approved by the company. Therefore, she only had to renew her contract for five years and the salary increase was satisfactory.

She said that this situation was signed. Earlier, Tang Zhenye said that he would not sign. Weng Meiling said that although she said so, I believe he will sign it.

She is the star of vitality in July. For a whole month, I am afraid that I have no vital performance. Recently, my right hand was injured. She rushed to bleed, so that she would not look good with gauze.

Since there are many water activities this month, she is afraid that she can't cope with it. She thinks that these activities are more suitable for male artists.

Weng Meiling said that she had a new drama performance in August. I hope that it is not a costume drama. It is very hard to shoot costume dramas in the summer.

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