Weng Meiling's Childhood Life

My original name was Weng Meiling and my maiden name was Nui Nui.

My stepfather, Uncle Tong, my mother and my uncle, Chan King, all called me by this name.

As you know, I came back to Hong Kong from the UK in mid-1982 to compete in the Miss Hong Kong pageant (I was number 6 at the time) before breaking into the television industry.

I was born on 7 May 1959, which means I spent all my childhood and teenage years in Hong Kong.

I left Hong Kong in 1974 after studying at Maigang Secondary School.

I was so beloved by my uncle that I was worried he would be taken away from me.

I pretended to be a doctor and gave injections and medication to the doll.

I always cried every time I had my hair cut.

I loved music, dancing and painting since I was a child.

l nearly lost my life playing on the beach in the sea.

As the only child in my family, I have been loved by both parents since I was a child, but unfortunately my biological father died when I was seven years old and I had to live with my mother.  My mother's brother, Chen Jing, love me very much. When my mother and my stepfather, Uncle Tong, emigrated to England in 1972, my uncle stayed with me in Hong Kong and he became my only relative.

I remember when I was a child, I used to pamper my uncle and ask him to feed me before he could eat. So I pampered him in front of his girlfriends, much to his embarrassment, and as a result, his girlfriends treated me in different ways, either with great affection or hatred.

When my uncle got married with Sheila, I flew to England to be a bridesmaid! And they soon had a new baby, and they are a happy family.

Later, her uncle studied art and drew sketches and portraits for me every day.

When my uncle started to have girlfriends, I used to make trouble with him because I didn't want his girlfriends to steal him away.

My mother bought me a lot of dolls to play with so that I wouldn't become a "tomboy", and I didn't let her down.I spent all day with those cute dolls. But maybe I have a big imagination. I imagined myself as a doctor from time to time, and the dolls were my patients as a matter of course. So, I undressed all the dolls and gave them a consultation and an injection. Not only that, but I also stuffed the mothers' bought beads into their mouths or their bottoms as medicine for the patients!

There is another incident that I always remember. That time I was with the children next door. I learnt how to catch a dragonfly. I was so excited to go to the beach not far from home to practice. I managed to catch nearly 40 of them and put them all in a box. However, I was worried that the dragonflies would die because of lack of air. So I put a window in the box. The next day, I woke up to find dragonflies all over the house, causing my parents and uncle to go out to catch them.

I have been a good-looking girl since I was a child, especially with my big eyes and false whistle teeth, which won me the praise of my relatives and friends.

I had to cut my hair every once in a while and I had to cry every time!


source: http://www.barbarayung.net/