The Lightness and Vitality of Weng Mei Ling

[Interview with Yawng Neiwen]
She's not just a petite, slender girl, but she's got a lot of energy! The July Star of Vitality is Weng Meiling, who, because of her small and delicate figure, has named herself the lightest of the stars.

"The previous Stars of the Month are very fit and have a great look" Weng MeiLing said with big eyes and a pitying look on her face.

"Why do you care?" I said.

"I'm a small person, but I have a lot of energy." she said.

"Can you keep your energy up if you have to work through the night for days on end for a film?" I asked.

"It's inevitable that I'll be a little less energetic, but I'm a strange person, once I get an announcement and know that there's a film on, I'm already full of energy. I am real workaholic," she says with great enthusiasm.

Despite her enthusiasm for work, she lost 10 pounds in the past few days because she was so busy with her work, but then she went to the UK and spent a few days with her mother to have fun together.

She was afraid of tanning her skin unless she was in a modern gymnasium with air-conditioning, where she could play badminton or table tennis, the sports she was best at.

She used to love swimming alone at the beach, but with her contact lenses, it was a pain in the neck to go swimming and she had to worry about cleaning them afterwards, so she stopped swimming after studying in England.

Although she rarely engages in sports, she believes that she has enough exercise as she does a lot of costume films and often fights and plays kung fu; besides, in her spare time, she goes to the movies and chooses the laughing movies to have a good laugh and the drama movies to have a good cry to express her sometimes low mood and let go of her feelings.

Source: HKTV 872
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