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The Olympics must be watched China started from scratch, and it is extremely difficult to get a gold medal. There are blood and tears, but you can appreciate it. This time the Chinese army came to Los Angeles for the gold medal competition. In order to see the Chinese make their name in the world, and to know the achievements of the Chinese as soon as possible, I have to watch TV. * Collective interview with our reporters * 

Comment Yung Mei Ling -- The living standard of Hong Kong people has improved, and they have already paid attention to the importance of sports. I found that most people only pay attention to the appearance of vitality and beauty, tan their skin, and wear a set of brand-name sportswear, but not really pay attention to health. Only Olympic athletes are truly energetic on the outside and also energetic on the inside.

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* 翁美玲 --- 香港人生活水準提高,早已注意體育運動之重要性了,我發覺多數人只係注意外表活力美,把皮膚曬黑,穿一套名牌運動服,而並非眞正注意健康,只有奥運嘅健兒才是眞正外表有活力,内在也是活力四射。



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