Making the most of a woman's life

(Interview with Yawng Neiwen)

When summer arrives, all the girls on TV seem to have a preference for white.

"I used to be a fat girl, but now I've lost my shape, so I'll live in England and fatten up a bit." With her big eyes, the young lady Weng Meling has won the hearts of TVB executives.

It is said that the success of Weng Meiling was due to luck, because TVB wanted to promote the youthful artists, and the male five tigers had been successfully groomed, but the young girls, although there were many of them, still had to endure a period of time before they could become "greats".

During this period of uncertainty, the company saw the potential of YUNG Meiling in the making of "The Eagle", and with its policy of promoting new talent, she became an instant hit.

"But I understand that I can't get to the top in one step, so I have worked hard to get where I am today."

It's true, Weng Meiling still has her eyes, but they're missing the sparkle!

The same can be said for love, but she meets a macho man, Kent Tong Chun Yip, who is difficult in accommodating without knowing it.

I once asked Barbara (Weng Meiling's English name), "What do you think of Tong Chun-yip?"
"What's good? It's hard to say! I thought about it, but I still couldn't answer the question..."

"There's always something about him that appeals to you, otherwise why would you have liked him in the first place?"
"Well! I like him! When I was filming '13 Girls'. I thought he was very helpful and took care of me."

"He's very kind to you, of course, but look at him now, he's so lazy, he's not even a little bit nervous."

"It's not possible, he's always nice to people, and when you're in a relationship, you don't always smoke, it's enough to have a solid relationship. However, I admit that I have a lot of fights with him. But it's only for a short period of time. Besides, if you see someone as a marriage partner, you have to fight, and only when you're in tears do you not hide your emotions."

"That's why you went to Singapore, and you saw the fight at the airport as a sweet reminder. Did you really choose Kent as your husband?"

"At first I didn't have such a heart, but now I'm starting to think about it. Then it depends on the time. But sometimes he's very stubborn, and I'm afraid of that."
She is getting to know Tom better and better, thanks to the quarrel.

Barbara has to do one thing, and it's out of his hands. But when she did something small, she was nervous about it. Sometimes, in order to make a little more money, Kent would ignore the script and go out and do some degrading roles and daring sex scenes that wouldn't make anyone's girlfriend happy, but blaming the boyfriend for the small part, and the actress who played opposite Kent, was the real kicker.

"It's just a little thing that two people fight about all the time. But it's also a kind of fun, at least life is not as bland as water."
I said, "You're an actress too, why can't you see things this way?"
Barbara thought about it carefully and said, "I can't stand it, even though I've lived abroad, but I'm not open to it."

There's no doubt that she loves Kent, but he just doesn't know how to accommodate her. When it comes to this happy couple, they are sometimes envied and sometimes exasperated. One is a big man and the other a big woman, and it's a wonder they don't fight when they meet.

The two of them get along really well, and Kent likes her dual personality, open, but still retaining the traditional virtues of a Chinese woman and her softness, generous but with her own opinions.

The film is a great example of how to make the most of a woman's life. With her independent personality, she is best suited to work in the entertainment industry, so she has always been guided by one principle: she will always act according to her own opinion on everything. She doesn't want to do anything by hand. She signs contracts and takes on stage dates, all by herself, because she has a second motto: to live up to her own expectations.

"Don't look at me like I'm small and soft, but I'm a good fighter."  That's why she doesn't want a manager, and although Kent is her boyfriend, when it comes to business, there's no room for negotiation.

"Why should she drag her boyfriend or anyone else into this, as if it were a contract? It's like negotiating a contract and adding a middleman for no reason. It doesn't matter if we don't get along."

After filming several dramas in a row, she took some time off to go on stage overseas and took a big leave of absence from TVB to visit her mother in the UK, returning to Hong Kong two years ago. She was only interested in being a Hong Kong girl, but instead she became an artist. She smiles sweetly and always gives people a comfortable feeling, so no one worries about her relationship anymore!

source: Ching Ya Weekly Issue 91 (1984.7.4) 

Ching Ya Weekly Issue 91 (1984.7.4)












「不可能的,平日對人的態度也挺不錯,兩個人拍拖,當然不會永遠那麼煙 ,感情穩固已足夠啦!不過,我承認與他經常吵架。但只是短暫時期,況且如果把一個人視為結婚對象,就一定要吵,只有在淚動的時候,才不會掩飾自己的情緒,人的真面目也在這時看到。」













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