1982 December 1: Photo shoot with actors of the Legend of the condor heroes

1982 December 2: Newspaper article, "Yung Mei Ling looks great in kung fu outfit."

1982 December 3: Newspaper article, "Shum Kim Ling praises Yung Mei Ling for her role of Huang Rong."

1982 December 4: Newspaper article," Ken Tong worries about gossip...."

1982 December 5: Pictures of Yung Mei Ling at community chest walk

1982 December 6: Newspaper article, "Former Kwok Jing, Pak Piu has no comment on current Kwok Jing and Wong Yung."

1982 December 6: Newspaper article, "Yung Mei Ling convinces Pan Pan Yeung to see doctor after a bone injury."

1982 December 7: Newspaper article, "TVB selected Yung Mei Ling to act as “Huang Rong” from thousands of candidates."

Barbara's letter 7 December 1982

1982 December 8: Cover magazine Hong Kong TV News 463

1982 December 10: Newspaper article, "Kent is afraid people will think he is a fickle."

1982 December 11: Cover magazine The General Weekly 29

1982 December 11: Newspaper article, "Yung Mei Ling has arranged time to be with her mother"

1982 December 14: Newspaper article, "Kent shaves his head bald for new film..."

1982 December 14: Newspaper article, "Return of the Condor Heroes casts meets."

1982 December 19: Newspaper article, "Yung Mei Ling stops hosting Woman Today."

Barbara's letter December 1982

1982 December 21: Newspaper article, "Yung Mei Ling is stressed about her casting as Wong Yung."

1982 December 23: Newspaper article, "Kent and Yung Mei Ling are seen together day and night."

1982 December 24: Pictures of Yung Mei Ling at Xmas party at Hilltop country club

1982 December 24: Magazine article written by Yung Mei Ling for Jade weekly

1982 December 25, Magazine interview: 'From Weaver to Chinese rose (翁美玲由織女到黃蓉.1982訪談內文)

1982 December 27: Newspaper article, "Yung Mei Ling will be host again next month"





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