Dear Mommy & Uncle,

    So glad to know that you all are proud of me. Though I cannot repay for what you all given me throughout these years, I have fought for your honor at least. For this opportunity, I will try my best! 

    Recently, I am very busy. Interviews, Taking pictures, Styling, Kung-Fu lessons & the rest of "The legend of the unknows"......they occupy me all my time. Since LOCH will begin right after "The legend of the unknows", I guess I have to work during X'mas too. LOCH is expected to be finished in May, & I heard that it will be shown on March. Since "The legend of the unknows" will be shown right before LOCH, I hope that my poor performance in "The legend of the unknows" will not affect my impression as Wong Yung. Indeed, many people have started calling me "Wong Yung" or "Yellow yung" instead of Yung Mei Ling. Also, many people said that I looked like Michelle. Probably because of my rabbit teeth, they always compare me with Wong Yung played by Michelle before. Thus, I am under pressure. Also, in order to have better performance, I need to read all the novels of LOCH in order to know more about Wong Yung. Anyway, I am the focus of the media recently, & I hope that everything will continue to work great in the future.

    It's really a little world! Fanny came back from Australia, & she visited me at TVB after she read my news. Indeed, I have reunited with a few old friends too, like Jammy, Patricia, Mary & Mimi. I am so excited. Also, Mimi is married with kids, & Patricia married in January. Fanny said hi to you all, & she hasn't forgotten uncle! During the reunite, I found that all of us are more mature than before -- only I can pretend to be small!

    I have gotten those two packages & the pictures. But I think I still have some clothing at home, so maybe mommy can bring them to me when she comes, like my jacket & leather jacket.  Don't forget my gold watch & small diamond ring too. Also, if mommy's necklace is too small, she can bring it to me too. When mommy comes, I hope that I don't need to work. Anyway, Ah Kui & others will take you home, so don't worry. Regarding the money in Kai Wah Bank, I will get it tomorrow.

   X'mas is coming around the corner, so UK may be snowing soon. Please take good care. Uncle, don't get sick & please express my greeting to father, Ah Mui & Ling Chi. They have written to me, & thanks for Ling Chi's sweater. Mommy is coming to HK soon, please take good care! I am very, very busy, but don't worry about me.

I sent this English newspaper along. By the way, I represented the "LOCH" to walk for charity yesterday!

Love, Lui Lui

( Remark: "I represented the "LOCH" to walk for charity yesterday!", the walk was 6th December therefore this letter was written on the 7th of December.)

 老友重逢說不出的興奮/忙得不可開交~無發信日期 與兩小孩攝於英國 Reunite old friend






這份英文報特寄給你們,昨天還代表《射鵰》去百萬行呢!                                                           囡囡上

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