Dear Mommy & Uncle,

 I've gotten the painting from uncle, it is so pretty! Thanks a lot, I'll take good care of it. Oh, I don't know that next year is the year of boar!  I wish that everything will work even better & all of us will be healthy & happy. I have experienced great changes this year, fortunately, everything worked great. Indeed, time really flies by, & Christmas is around the corner. Though I can not be around this year, I still wish you all have a happy holiday. Mommy will come here soon, please take care of yourself! Also, please bring back my black jacket (along with that 3 quarter length velvet pant) Uncle, please take more rest. You was so toilsome throughout this year, I wish you all the best next year!

    I had lunch with Ms Ng the day before. She bought a sweater for uncle, & she asked mommy to bring it back. For father's sweater, I probably will mail it to him, but I am not sure when he will get it. I am very busy recently, so I haven't seen Ah Ku for a while. Apart from being busy, I am also under great pressure at work. Though I keep telling myself to be calm & not to pay too much attention on others' praises, I still worry about my own performance. Indeed, I don't know if the outcome this time will be good or bad, so I am very worried. Ironically, as before, people have greater confidence on me than I do. Perhaps I have a "confident face". Anyway, I don't have other things to say, just hope that you're doing well. Lastly, please express my greeting to father.

Love, Lui Lui
(P.S: Don't forget father's red jacket & his little black cape)

(Remark: No date associated, 1982)


 忙,心理壓力也大~82年間 Busy & under great pressure




祝快樂!                                                                                                                        囡囡上


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