note: The name Ah Mui in this letter is Sheila; the girlfirend of Barbara's uncle.


 Dear Mommy & Uncle,

   Haven't written to you for awhile, cause I was really busy. Anyway, I got chance to rest recently because of my eye wound. Ah Mui was luckier than mommy, as I had time to accompany with her while she came here. Indeed, she bought much stuff, & I asked her to bring one drawing book, silk scarf & leather jacket for uncle (B-day). Also, I asked father to bring a pair of earrings to mommy, & I just bought a few things for mommy this time. However, when I go back to UK next time for vacation, I will definitely bring you a pearl ring to complete the set, sounds okay? Last two weeks, I went with Ah Mui to repay the Buddha at Wong Tai Sin, & we also visited a monk for fortune telling. It seemed that everything worked fine, & Ah Mui will tell you more details of what the monk said when she returns. If everything the monk said really comes true, that will be great! For the time being, I don't dare to say anything about it, so let's wait until it really happens & I will.......uncle, don't know if I should congratulate you, as that monk said you & Ah Mui were perfect match as a couple! Sigh; is it a blessing or a disaster to you? However, I do hope that you know how to handle this matter. Indeed, you two are so compatible in terms of your horoscopes, so what are you going to do? Hope that I can attend your wedding when I come back to UK. Anyway, it's really a dream coming true for Ah Mui, & the rest is your turn now. Please feel free to tell me your true feeling! Indeed, I am the only one who understand you most, so who else can you talk to beside me? Nevertheless, I sincerely wish that everything works great to you. 

      LOCH is broadcasting, & I will appear from the 9th episode. Indeed, the production for first part of LOCH has been finished, & I am working on the 2nd & the 3rd parts of it. Expectedly, everything will be finished by the end of June, & I hope that everything is on their right tracks.  In fact, I have been worrying about my own performance. After all, the Wong Yung played by Michelle was very impressive, so people keep comparing her with me. Anyway, I am prepared for any criticism. HK people are very criticizing. Recently, XXX tries to attack my image behind my back by rumoring me that I am arrogant. She is really tightfisted, but I have no alternative. After all, I have tried my best, & no major improvement can be accomplished in one day. Anyway, there were people who invited me to take part in films, but I could not take the offer due to time conflict. Indeed, not everything is within my control, but I will be cautious. Don't worry about me.

    Mommy, uncle, please take good care of yourselves! Don't worry too much, I will fly back to visit you when I have vacations. In fact, when father came, I was busy. Thus, I could only have dim sum with him & I did not farewell him in the airport. I hope that he can forgive me. BTW, Ah Tong (Ken Tong) bought something for mommy, & he wanted to say hi to you all. Alright, take more rest! 

 Miss you, Lui Lui

13th March, 1983


去還神又去看命相/被中傷遊子思親~83/03/13 參加舅父的婚禮,與舅父合照 Repaid the Buddha & visited a fortune teller






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