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Dear Mummy, Uncle:
Uncle's two letters had been received. Knowing home accident happened, make me upsetting. I worried about it but nothing can do for I'm so far away from you. I'm really sorry that Uncle undertook all troubles. Mum, I heard you didn't feeling well, wish you're getting better now, don't worry about what happened, just take care of yourself. I believe Heaven helps a good man, everything will be okay.

 Actually I worried about you so much, especially when I was disappointed for the work. Ah-Tong (Kent) helped me a lot, I consumed quite a number of soup, ginseng of him. Even I often take my anger out on him. He also encourages me when I have a bad mood sometimes. It's really not easy to find a friend in this arena. Ti Ko Chen ( he fights with me in the underwater in Condor Heroes I, he figured as Sa Tong-tin) is martial artist, a faithful man, he calls me Ah-may (younger sister), helps me a lot. He will stay around to protect me whenever have a fighting play. So I won't afraid of fighting scene any more. Tony Ching (martial art instructor) said I can stand hardships. He began to appreciate me much more. Kenneth Tsang figured as my daddy (in Part II), also gave me a lot of instruction. So there are good people in the arena altogether, but seems only men have such loft manner. To be frank, I'm lucky enough, maybe my popularity is not bad, someone also will help me. I don't know why I don't like Wong Yung instead, if you read the original novel you'll know it adapted a lot in TV play, for example, Yeung Hong should be more wick than Ah-Miu (Michael Miu) played, and I became quick-tempered, not cute at all. Although Wong Yung should be love and hate clearly, stingy and wicked, actually is hard to please audience, plus the script adapted a little exaggerated, the role will be more shrewish. It's really hard to do. I always think I won't take Wong Yung as my masterpiece, because I have other preference, I'm sure I'll have another role suit me more than Wong Yong, to be my masterpiece.

Shela finally left, with a lot of things take to you, like it? Is Uncle's fur fit? It's your birthday present, when is birthday of Daddy? (T-shirt Shela takes back can take as Daddy's birthday gift!) I forgot again, now I do not know the time, only knew whether to work is key thing. This week is better, I believe the play will be completed shooting up to the end of June, have you seen me! Everything is fine, don't miss me, and take care!

 Baby Daughter

(translated by Ben)




其實很掛念你們,尤其當做得不如意和煩燥的時候,亞湯算對我有很大幫助,湯水、花旗蔘也吃了他不少,還成為我出氣的對象,有時自己的心境壞,他都很鼓勵我,因為在這行內要找一個朋友真不易,陳狄克(在射鵰內和我在水底打,叫沙通天),樣子雖似武師,但為人很忠義,叫我亞妹,處處幫我,現在每當有打的時候,都在左右看護(因他是武師出身),所以內心對武打一點驚都沒有,程小東說我吃得苦,對我也另眼相看,曾江做我老豆(東邪西毒 PART2)也處處指點,故圈內人也有好人的,但看來只有男仕們才有這種風度了,其實自己也算幸運了,可能人緣不錯,需要時也有人為我出氣,不知為什麼,我倒不太喜歡黃蓉一角,如看過「射鵰」原著便知改了很多,例如「楊康」應該比現在亞苗做的奸幾倍,而我卻變得動不動就發脾氣,一點也不可愛,雖然黃蓉該愛、恨極端,又小氣、又邪,其實很難討好,加上劇本改得誇張了便更覺潑辣,真難做,我總覺得自己不會把「射鵰」中「黃蓉」成為自己的代表作,因為已有所屬,相信日後我一定會有一套話劇比「黃蓉」更適合我,而成為自己的代表作。

Shela 終於走了,帶了很多東西給你們,喜歡嗎?舅舅的皮衣合身嗎?是你的生日禮物,老豆幾時生日?(Shela 帶來的T恤就當是老豆的生日禮物!)我又忘了,現在都不知時日,只知要唔要開工最緊要,這星期比較好些,相信要拍到六月才完,你有沒有看到我呀!一切很好,勿念,多保重。

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