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Dear Mummy, Uncle:
After reading your letter, my sorrow is hard to express, I only can say "helpless", that's the way life is, few people do not need to bow to the reality. We all are falling, getting up, again and again. Uncle, your kindness over the years all kept in my mind, never crossed out. I have been waiting for the opportunity to requite you. You've work so hard for our family, surely the Heaven will give a bright future, hope you'll get luck after hardship. Please do not make yourself looks so weary, okay? 

It is so called "Good will be rewarded with good", here I send my best wish to you. I'm really happy for you've decided your good news (marriage). People always want a home, someone to cherish, to take care of, as partners... I hope your choice wisely and correctly enough to give you a bright and happy future, I believe Ah-may will love and take care of you, so it just depends on if you can appreciate it with all your heart.

Uncle, you really need sustenance, you can not live alone to suffer by day and night. I'm so useless; left you for the independence, only bring you worries. You love me so much to forgive me. I began to know all of your favors after so many years, hope one day I can give rewards to you to express my appreciation. Now I'm still in the arena, involuntarily, fortune is still around me, protect me, I should cherish it, because the opportunity did not come easy. Everything is OK, please do not worry about me, I will cherish myself, I only hope you can also take good care of yourself and live happily. I believe Uncle's good news will bring joy to our family, as his niece, it's really cheer me up. Did you remember? I have been longed to attend your wedding dinner so long, when will you invite me to go? Ah-gyun is believed to run for the dinner also, I'm so expecting, just can't wait for any loner.

Uncle, I will go to Europe with show group, ten days trip, five nights will be on stage, one night in London! The group includes me, Felix Wong, Rebecca Pan, Leslie Cheung, Robert Mak, Lo Hoi Pang and Alice Lau. We will play in London, France, Holland, and return on July 4th. But I will stay with you, so If possible, please arrange the wedding dinner when I back to England. I will arrive in London on June 24th, after finish the performance in London on June 26th, in Holland June 28th and June 29th, In Belgium on June 30th, and Paris on July 3rd, I will return to Hong Kong by July 10th around. So you can see if I have chance to attend to your wedding dinner? If you like, come to watch my show! I will start to learn singing tomorrow. I know Mum don't like me to act on stage, but you know, everyone, especially famous artists in such environment should be promote themselves on stage at the time when they are welcomed very much. So I have to follow the way to strive for both fame and benefit, maybe in such way I can be remembered by the fans. And my show on stage is not only for money, but to prove my ability to sing! Many artists dare not sing, however, their famous too high to worry about no chance to be promoted. So I will go, not only the group all are acquaintances, but also where to go is Europe, I can take chance to visit you with free ticket. What a chance! Hope Mum do not blame me, I have my rule. Since I am an artist, I should devote my efforts on it. I can not stay in England too long for too much things need to deal with. Uncle Tin-Lam told that he want me to join SHAW'S Brother for a new movie after finish The Legend of Condor Heroes. So I have no much free time. the PART II will start in two weeks, at that time, we can meet each other again, really hope my next drama is fashion series .

Ok, what would you like to buy? Tell me, and please send back my passport. The store should close on Uncle's wedding, then, we will have time to walk around somewhere. Here I deeply wish you. Mummy please don't worry about , take care of yourself, no need to hard work anymore. I will be twenty four years old in several days, oh, it's hard to believe! No, Wong Yung (the heroine of the Legend of Condor Hero 1982) only sixteen years old, do I like her?

Your Baby Daughter







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