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Dear Mommy,

    You have received the video tape I sent you? Have you rented the tape of "Sing Kong Yip Yip Yiu Bo Leung" in which I participated? I have recorded this show myself, but god-mother borrowed it for her daughter to watch, so I will send it to you after she brings it back.

Haven't received letters from uncle for quite awhile, don't know how you all are doing? I am worried about you all, hope that you all can get along well. Mom, you should take everything easy, don't be stubborn. Also, please take more rest & don't be bothered by trivial matters. Uncle & auntie, please take care of mommy. Indeed, I really hope that you all can get along well. BTW, I have got the shoes & clothing you sent to me, Ken thanks for your gifts. Also, we asked Chi-Won to bring moon cake, beef jerky & melon seeds etc for you, have you got them?

I need to work overnight on Mid-Autumn festival, so I don't have time to have my dinner. Indeed, I don't have much appetite due to fatigue, so it doesn't matter. I have told my co-workers about uncle's past record in eating moon cake!  Anyway, "The Sandwiches Man" will be finished on Oct 2nd. One week after, I will work for "The Foundation" with Ken, Wong Yak Wah & Miu Kiu Wai.  Also, I will go to perform show in Thailand at the end of this year, & I will have US$2000 per night. How rich I will be!

Will mommy come back to HK? If not, I will come back to visit you all after the oversea show. I have been busy, & I have not met Ah Kiu for a while. She most likely will go to UK at the end of the year, since her visa has been approved.  I am not in good mood recently, always up & down. After all, I have too much to think, & I don't know whether I should spend the wage of the oversea show on housing or investing on small business. I hope that my final decision won't disappoint myself at the end. Also, I worry that mommy would be too lonely, & I hope she can go traveling around when she have time. I am facing a dilemma, since everything on hands make me clueless. Nevertheless, mommy, please take good care of yourself, & please don't think too much.  I hope that u can come to HK when you have time instead of staying bored at home. I always worry & care about you, especially during mid-nights. For my position nowadays, what should I do to obtain the ideal results in all cases? After all, once you are at work, there are many things out of your own control.

Sep, 26th, 1983


 登台的錢買屋或做生意?~83/09/26.亭亭玉立的翁美玲與母親及老豆合照。           Spent wage of oversea show on buying house or investing in small business?





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