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Dear Mommy & Uncle,

 Life is really out of one's control, & it's hard for me to believe everything happened so far. I can only say that luck makes everything easier & smoother -- I have been assigned to be Wong Yung! I am very excited about it, & it's hard for me to believe this truth. Indeed, many people in the entertainment circle like me, & they say I deserve this role. However, there are people who are jealous about me too. Anyway, I know I am so blessed to have this opportunity since I am pretty new & I have been working for less than half a year only.  Indeed, my salary will be increased to HK$3500 in the new contract, & there is a $350 per shot bonus for more than 120 shots in a year. I knew I would have plenty of opportunities of getting the bonus after I join the drama team, but I never expected that my salary would increase within half a year. The contract will last for 5 years. At first, I just wanted to sign for 3 years. However, TVB said that they would have a 5 years plan for me, & that's why I signed it finally, Indeed, opportunity will only occur once, so right now all I worry is my own performance. Upon finishing "The 13th Sister", I will work for my part in "The Legend of Condor Hero", so I am really busy! In fact, I have to work overnight for "The 13th sister" already, so there's no need to imagine the situation when I work for LOCH! Anyway, I am very satisfied with what I have so far.

    My friend, Ah Sing, will bring a pair of earrings to mommy, two sweaters for uncle, & one of them is for father. Also, godmother has given you a set of sheets too. Please let me know when you all receive it, especially mommy's earrings, since I have promised you that I would buy it to you when I have money. Though I am not very rich yet, this is still my gift of love -- I know you must like them. Is it cold in UK now? It's getting cooler in HK. Please take good care! Also, it's almost yearend, so you all must be very busy. Don't worry about me, I will take good care.

    By the way, if possible, please send me 6 childhood pictures as soon as possible (like from toddler to 10), as a magazine wants to interview me & needs my childhood pictures. Of course they will return them to me afterward, so please send by express mail as it's urgent. Also, I think I will have more pictures in the magazines from now on (except MingPao), so it's hard for me to send all of them to you.  However, I think you can get them in the Chinatown. Alright, talk to you later. 

Love, Lui Lui


接拍黃蓉乍驚乍喜~83年間 舅父陳景畫亞翁的油畫像 Excited to play Wong Yung






可以的話,請盡快寄六張我童年相(比喻由少年至十歲的相),因周刊要寫我,要些童年照,當然他們影後會還給我的,故請用快郵,我是急要的,日後將會看到我很多相登的(除了明報比較少),所以很難把所有的寄來,因為唐人街也該可以買到的,好了,下次再談吧!                                                                          囡囡 上




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