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Dear mommy & uncle (mommy's brother),

   First of all, let me clarify some points here. Uncle, please don't blame me for the essay posted in "XX weekly magazine ". People in the entertaining circle like to gossip over this kind of news, & they like to revise what I originally wrote for their ends. Indeed, that reporter is my good friend, but she still does that. Previously, she asked me to tell her my "story of first love" for propaganda, & that sounded okay with me. However, after I told her my story, she wrote everything out, even those shouldn't be publicized. They don't care how I feel; all they care is to make the essay more appealing to the readers. Thus, you can only believe at most 30% of what written in the magazine or newspapers, & from now on, don't need to write me to ask about what they reported.

   In fact, I get used to it, as I can't check every one of them for their validity. If they like me, they will write something favorable for me, & vice versa. Even worse, some can make up an interviewing essay with me even though they never interview with me! To sum up, please don't blame me for describing you all as "ancient" in those essays. Indeed, when I was 13, you all certainly supervised me rigidly! I feel funny when I think of those days. I am 23 now as time went by, but I don't want to grow up. I always feel like there is a sense of maturity encircling me, is it terrible or good? Mommy & Uncle, I know you all did everything for me; though you all might worry too much sometimes. Indeed, I know all these truths as I grow up, & I always like to guess about what you all are doing at some points of time. I am afraid that you all are lonely or worry too much about me. Recently, I am very busy at work. Performing shows, Studying & the drama at the end of month really fill up my schedule. However, I believe that being busy is a blessing. Please take good care & show my greeting to father.

Lui Lui

(Remark: No date associated, 1982)


 為宣傳爆初戀情人~82年間 Disclosing her first love for propaganda







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