Dear Mommy,

It's winter already. Please take care of yourself, & don't get cold! Also, please remember to go to your appt for body check, it's good for you. I am fine, don't worry about me. Uncle sent me your picture. You still have a great sweet smile, & my friend said you just looked like 40+ years old. Of course, pretty mother brought out pretty daughter! 17th of this month will be godmother's birthday, & I have given her a pair of earrings & red pocket money as presents. She's only willing to accept me $300 as monthly rent, so I always take her out for dim sum or shopping whenever I have time. Also, since Ah Au moved out & let me have his room, I feel guilty for doing nothing. Thus, I always try to give her money. However, she isn't willing to accept more from me, she said let's wait until I earn more.

Father wrote me & said he might come to HK with you next year for traveling, is it true? I hope that this is true, as you need a partner to be with you for traveling. I also heard that Ah Tau would go to Europe (not confirmed yet), if so, I will ask him to bring you something. Please don't worry about me. Indeed, I really miss you; however, since everything here is not settled down yet, I can't put aside everything & come back. It's really hard for me to decide, so let God make a way for me!

Love, Lui Lui
19th October, 1982


小男孩是鄰家的孩子。Pretty mother brought out pretty daughter!

父親來信說可能出年和妳一起回來一行,是嗎?如果真的就好,因為你有伴同行是好的,聞說亞豆要去歐洲(未定),到時我會托他帶東西給妳,一切一切你都不要掛心,我很擔心你的,但這裡一時放不下,真難做,正所謂「洗濕個頭」或一句「身不由己」!一切聽天吧! 囡囡


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