Dear Uncle:

Your letter and photos are received, first of all, please do not blame me for the article (maybe issued on some HK magazine), okay? Tell the truth, at that time, I didn't expected that would make you unhappy, but, the past has been passed, I was childish to blame you wrongly in the past time. Now, I've grown up, surely I won't remember it any longer, if will, only the story happened at that time. Besides, you looked after us so many years, didn't I respect your love to me? Please do not blame me for such trifles! It's only an unwitting mistake, please forgive me. You're still that lovely Uncle! I can't find a second one just like you in my life.

Mummy in the photo is very "coquettish", hee hee! My friends all said she looks only like about forty years old, but Uncle, you seem some weary, maybe work too hard, hope you take plenty of rest. Again I have to talk about Shela , how about your relations currently? Please give my regards to her. Also, I'll write back to her. She had written to me before, she told about you'd worked hard and thought of me...Besides, family animals are really cute, I can't find such fun and lovely things in Hong Kong, I got emotional seeing them.

Father (Step father) had written to me also send with some money. I've said not to send money, I don't know how to say thank to him. He also told he would come back with Mother for visiting next year.

Anyway, Uncle, you must take more rest, don't worry about me, I will be careful and will not make mistakes any more, wish you the best health! 

Your Baby Girl!

October 19, 1982

(translated by Ben)

The article Barbara refers to stated that Barbara told the media that she loved her uncle very much and in her childhood days she was even worried that he would be taken away by other women. Later one magazine reported it to "Barbara's first love is her Uncle", her Uncle was shocked and angry about it. Therefore Barbara wrote this letter to Uncle to explain.









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