From Weaver to Chinese rose - 1982 Interview

{Interview with Yawng}
K-100 Pictorial No. 20 - 1982 Interview - Hong Kong TV Special Edition - 1987 Retrospective Interview

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Once, in the midst of a beautiful brocade, she thought of plucking a rainbow from the sky as a pattern. I once daydreamed in front of a loom, dreaming of a cowherd on the other side of a silver bridge. Yesterday was just like a bubble and smoke. Today, I am just working on my script and playing the role of a pretty Huang Rong.

She lived in a suburb of London, in a two- or three-storey house, surrounded by quiet surroundings that are a bit intimidating, and a life that is very humdrum. "Fortunately, I spent most of the day at school, otherwise I would not have been able to bear it." She was a petite girl who had been loved and cared for by her parents and family since she was a child.

Looking back on her eight years of study in the UK, she says, "When I arrived in the UK eight years ago, I didn't know my way around, I had to make my own decisions, and I had to do everything myself. At first I was a bit overwhelmed, but then I got used to it and found it fun. On the one hand, I learnt to live independently, and on the other hand, I felt happy to be with my parents."

Looking at this sweet, petite, lively girl talking about her time in England, one can't help but feel a sense of enrichment and sweetness, but it's also easy to understand the strong inner world of this seemingly small and lovely girl.

Playing with the transparent cup filled with "Mixed Fruit Binge", she gazed at the cushion under the cup, tilted her head sideways and seemed to be contemplating something, looking strangely serious and amused, and then, as if in thought, murmured.
"If you enlarge this pattern a little, you can connect them diagonally one by one ......"
"Hey, what the hell are you talking about?

With her eyes wide open, she woke up from her dream and said with a slight smile and an embarrassed look, "I'm sorry, it's 'academic sickness'. You know, I studied textile design. Whenever I see a beautiful or special pattern, I always bring it in and look at it, and sometimes I don't know how long I've been holding it. Haha!"

She smiled so sweetly, so adorably, so naturally, so comfortably, without being coy at all.

"Why did you choose textile design?" I don't understand why she chose textile design when there are popular and promising subjects such as interior design, jewellery design and commercial advertising design.

"Many people have asked me this question, but I think that textile design is not only not a popular subject, but also has the closest relationship with people's clothing, food, housing and transport. Fabrics can not only be used to make clothes to wear on the body, but also to make all kinds of household items such as tablecloths, bed sheets, curtains, etc.
You dare to say that textile design is cold and impractical?"

I finally raised my hand in surrender! But for the sake of saving face, I had to come up with another question for this smart-alecky little girl! "After all these years of studying textile design, she is now working in front of a screen. Don't you think it's a waste of talent to learn something that you can't use?"

"I was a bit conflicted at first, but now I've figured it out. I have the diploma in my hand and what I have learnt is already in my head. I am afraid that it will fly away. I'm just hiding what I've got for the time being, so that I can use it when I have the chance." She said it as if she was joking, but she really meant it! And it's true!

"Besides, one can only enrich one's life if one has the opportunity to try more things. If you have the opportunity to be an artist and live a different life, you can experience more of life and have more social experience, so why not? If after a period of time I find that I don't fit in with the industry, I will be able to work again. It's not too late to go back to my old job! Is n't it?"

I have nothing to say, but I really feel that this weak and slender girl is not just a pretty girl, but has a deep and hidden heart. I remember that when she was running for Miss Hong Kong, she said she wanted to be a successful textile designer, but I believe that her dream of becoming a weaver will not be realised for the time being. However, her confidence and determination make me believe that she will succeed - no matter what she chooses!

Source of information for this article
Hong Kong K-100 Pictorial, Issue 20 key-in: HYH
    Published on 1982/12/25 Text: Siu Lo

Source: Hong Kong K-100 Pictorial, Issue 20 Published on 1982/12/25



◎K-100畫報第20期.1982訪談內文 ◎香港電視特刊.1987回顧訪談內文














香港《K-100畫報》第20期 key-in:HYH
    1982/12/25出版 文:小盧

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