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TVB selected Yung Mei Ling to act as “Huang Rong” from thousands of candidates.  Although we did not know if she had potential, Yung Mei Ling’s appearance is charming especially her watery eyes.  They are is absolutely captivating.  That is the reason why she got this role.

Yung Mei Ling knows her advantage.  She is an inborn beauty and her eyes are the most beautiful.  These eyes let her to become more pretty so she protects her pair of eyes very much and avoid any injury.

Yung Mei Ling says:  I especially take care of my eyes since I was a child.  Not that my eyes were beautiful, but my parents taught me to protect my eyes.  (Each adult should teach a child to protect his/her eyes) .  Therefore, I am not short-sightedness or long-sighted.

Looking at Yung Mei Ling’s eyes in a detailed way, you will find that she has long eyelashes.  So she don’t need to apply false eyelashes.

Yung Mei Ling says:  Yes! My eyelashes were very long when I was small.    I also take care of them.  I remembered I was extremely sad one morning when my one eyelash fell out.  I cried.  Luckily, I got a new eyelash and I did not feel sad then.

Newspaper Name: 工商晚報
Date: 1982年12月7日

(thanks to Kitty for the article and translation)

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