After Fei Fei left, Sensen felt that "Happy Tonight" was no longer a big happy family. 

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(從肥肥的離去 森森觉得 「歡樂今宵」不再是 一個歡樂的大家庭, 新明日报)

(Xin Ming Ri Bao), 19 July 1982, Page 9

Sensen is a veteran of Cable TV and also one of the heroes of Xianguo in "Happy Tonight". Although

she has been away on and off several times from "Happy Tonight" and is now even more isolated in the program, her feelings for the program are like those for her relatives. When she cannot participate in the show she will sit in front of the TV every night. And watch this program and has  become a loyal fan of "Happy Tonight".

She is from the first generation of "Happy Tonight". She watched the artists of her generation leave "Happy Tonight" one by one. Moreover, she attended every farewell party, with tears in her eyes. You can tell that she is uncomfortable and melancholy inside. Son Sensen said: "When I see my old friends leaving one by one, how can I not feel sad in my heart? But on the other hand, after seeing so many people leaving and attending so many farewell parties, people will also get a little numb, and they realize that there is will always be separations. We are colleagues and friends, but there are always will be separations."

And regarding Fei Fei 's departure,  this time her emotions are not strong as before, and her mood is very calm. She said: "Privately, I am good friends with Fei Fei. She is also the godmother of my son Jiahao. We have more opportunities to meet than others. Moreover, every time she returns to Hong Kong from other places, the first thing she does is phone me. She talkes to her godson and has snacks with him. She left "Happy Tonight" this time. We just ended the relationship as colleagues.”

The separation from her old friends made her feel that "Happy Tonight" has changed and is no longer a big family. As an audience member, she thought that in the past, watching "Happy Tonight" "There is a feeling of involvement, and the actors of "Happy Tonight" feel like they have become a part of the family. Because the same group of actors perform every night, as time goes by, it feels like a night of fun with friends. But now, the familiar people are leaving one by one, and most of the actors are different every night. The cordial and devoted feelings drift away with the separation of the older people. Watching "Happy Tonight" is like watching  comprehensive shows, there is no big family feeling.

"Will you return to "Happy Tonight"?"

"I think it's just not possible." Sensen said, "Because, the work of " Woman today " is very busy and I can't be distracted for the time being.”

The addition of three newcomers to " Woman today " can reduce the number of times Sensen has to be a host. On the contrary, her workload will increase because she often has to shoot on location. What's more, " Woman today" and "Happy Tonight" are different in nature, and she wants to maintain her image as the host of " Woman today ".

"How did the three newcomers perform?"

"The newbies, Lei said that they have good marks. She has worked with Kou Hongping once and has not yet seen her potential, but Shen Jinling and Yung Mei Ling are very good. Yung Mei Ling has been in the UK for a long time and has difficulty speaking Cantonese, which makes it difficult for her to speak Cantonese in the show. She is under psychological pressure and can be a little stiff at times. Shen Jinling is less under such pressure and acts more naturally. I am sure that all three of them are talented people." Sensen said convincingly.

Fei Fei (middle) has a personal relationship with the Sensen sisters.


Sensen recently hosted the program “Woman today”



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