Yung Mei Ling wrote an article about Huang Rong's feelings

(Jade weekly issue 12, reported on December 24, 1982)

Photo 1: when Yung Mei Ling wrote this article, she immediately turned her head to show her lovely smile when she knew that the camera was facing her!

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Picture 2: Yung Mei Ling's manuscript of Huang Rong's feelings

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The role of the eagle was not chosen until after I was elected, and I was determined to be more beautiful than the others.

It's been a long time coming, but when it comes to writing, I don't know where to start. Recently, after being cast as Huang Rong, many people have suddenly become concerned about me.

I've been flattered by the sudden interest in me since I was cast as Huang Rong.

I am a fatalist who believes in letting nature take its course and resting on my fate. All in all, I went for the audition when the company asked me to.

In fact, am I really someone who deserves people's attention? I don't know. I just know that I will do my best and do a good job. No matter what the results are, I just want to be worthy of myself.

I just want to be right with myself. Don't read martial arts novels

I never thought I would be playing Huang Rong. I lived in England for 12 years and rarely read martial arts novels, even the famous Jin Yong's original Legend of the Eagle Heroes.

I have learned a lot from being back in Hong Kong after a 12-year absence and competing in the Miss Hong Kong pageant. Therefore, I think that competing for the Miss Hong Kong title is not the only goal, but to gain knowledge and experience from it.

Although being Miss Wong is not a big deal, at least it gives me a chance to try out some new roles and learn more from my experience. I'm not asking myself to get to the top in one step, I just want to progress gradually and get into the role.

After all, I am a newcomer and I am not yet experienced in acting, so I hope that the guidance of the director will help me to play this role well. Having said that, I can't rely on others and I should do my best.

I have to do my best. Figuring out the character

So far, I have watched three of the four episodes of "The Eagle" and I am now on my fourth episode. Although I can't say that I have fully grasped Huang Rong's character, I have basically figured out the character's personality.

I once said to myself, "Yung Mei Ling, you must not stand in front of the camera expressionless, you must show something. I really can't let down the audience's expectations of Wong Yung, and I can't let down the efforts of all the people who worked on "The Eagle" for nothing.

Although I have high expectations of myself, I don't want to add to the psychological pressure, I want everything to come naturally. "I think my performance is very natural. I wonder if people will feel the same way after watching it. Although my role in "Legend of the unknown" is not as big as that in "Shooting Eagles", I believe that my experience in "13 Sisters" will help me in my performance in "Shooting Eagles".

Admittedly, I am a newcomer and one performance may not be enough to consolidate my acting foundation, nor do I expect to ascend to the top of the ladder. However, I will not imitate others because of this. It's not my business if someone else is good, because I can't follow someone else's path. I have to break away from them and create another image of Wong Yung.

This is the only way to be worthy of the audience's love. Don't mess up the original

I can't believe how much they love me as a new artist. Everywhere I went, there were groups of enthusiastic fans asking me to sign autographs and to take photos with them. I felt uncomfortable with this at first, but I am used to it now. What makes me happiest is when they shout, "Huang Rong! Here's Wong Yung." I couldn't help but feel the sweetness in my heart when I heard it.

Not only did the audience shout this, but even the staff at the video, they shouted "YELLOW YUNG!" whenever they saw me. I think I may have to drop my English name Barbara Yung and change it to YELLOW Yung to make it more acceptable!

Even though I haven't played a part in "The Eagle" so far, I have become the embodiment of Wong Yung in my daily life.
I once heard a few of my friends, whom I didn't know very well, whispering, "Have you noticed how much more beautiful she looks than before? I secretly laughed when I heard that. Of course, I should melt myself into the pretty Wong Yung, don't they want to see an "old-fashioned Wong Yung"?

It's not easy to be a hibiscus! I hope I can bring Huang Rong to life and make my own Huang Rong on screen, so that the audience will be impressed and not spoil Jin Yong's masterpiece.

I am confident that I can bring her to life.

It's not easy for me to play a character that is so well known in fiction. I know nothing about martial arts, I can say that I am a fancy boxer, so if I am asked to dance with swords and spears, jumping and bouncing, I am really afraid that I am not capable of doing it, but with the careful guidance of the martial arts instructor, I think I will be able to do it smoothly. If I had known that I was going to be "in the martial arts", I would have gone to the mountains to learn from a master.

However, I was the first one to audition that day, and after the audition in the morning, I had to shoot "Thirteen Girls" in the afternoon, so in the rush, I could not see the performance of other competitors, nor did I know how I was doing.

It was only after the results were announced that I was told, and I was surprised to hear the news, but of course I was overjoyed.

It's all in the past now and I can't say enough about how I felt at the time. All in all, I think the only words I can use are "lucky" and "happy".
Once, when I was having my make-up done, Kou Hung Ping came to visit me in the make-up room and we had a very good conversation.

I'm here to tell you, Isabella, I'd love to do a great play with you too!





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