1984 December: Cover magazine Life TV

1984 December: Cover magazine 330

1984 December: Pictures of scenes at Stanley Military Cemetery in the TV series The Rough ride

1984 December 2: Pictures, "Community chest walk".

1984 December 2: TV News Weekly

1984 December 3: Newspaper articles, "Yung Mei Ling joined a charity activity (community chest walk)"

1984 December 5: Newspaper article, “Yung Mei Ling and Tong Chun Yip were present at the “ Charity Walk, 行公益金與湯鎮業貌合神離.”

1984 December 5: Newspaper picture, "Rumor said Yung Mei Ling was pursuing Michael Miu with ignorance of Jaime"

1984 December 6: Cover magazine Female 161

1984 December: Magazine interview 'Signing a five-year contract to bet on luck (簽五年約賭運氣 )'

1984 December: Magazine interview 'Yung Mei Ling wants five more years of youth (翁美玲想多五年青春)'

1984 December 10: Newspaper articles, "Yung Mei Ling was polled as “Top 10 Teleplay Stars”."

1984 December 11: Cover magazine Gold TV Weekly 487

1984 December 11: Newspaper article, “Yung Mei Ling was robbed on Broadcast Drive, 翁美玲廣播道遇劫”. 

1984 December 11: Newspaper articles: "Yung Mei Ling got robbed."

1984 December 11 -13: Pictures of Yug Mei Ling filming The rough Ride near Oberlin college

1984 December 15: Magazine pictures, "Charity event Chinese Press Club".

1984 December 15: Newspaper picture, "fashion show."

1984 December 17: Newspaper picture, “Carrie Ng Ka-Lai, Ha Yu and Yung Mei Ling look serious except Paul Chun Pui. He moved his head 吳嘉麗、夏雨、翁美玲一本正經拍照,獨是秦沛頭岳岳.”

1984 December: Newspaper pictures Yung Mei Ling visiting Singapore

1984 December: Magazine interview 'Yung Mei Ling's robbery is rumoured to have been caused by her gossip (翁美玲遇劫 傳因多言惹禍)'.

1984 December:  Magazine interview 'Yung Mei Ling in a robbery (翁美玲遇劫)'

1984 December 18: Newspaper article, “Even though Yung Mei Ling was robbed recently, she still walks at night as usual. 翁美玲照常出夜街.”

1984 December 18: Newspaper articles, "Yung Mei Ling will not be influenced by robbery any more".

1984 December 19: Cover magazine Active TV Weekly 12

1984 December 20: Pictures of Yung Mei Ling at opening disco Apollo 18

1984 Video of Yung Mei Ling participating in the Royal Hong Kong Legion military training.

1984 December 21: Pictures of Yung Mei Ling at the The Rough Ride (挑戰) ceremony

1984 December 21: articles in magazine Hong Kong video news nr 16

1984 December 22: Newspaper article, “Only if TVB agrees, Yung Mei Ling can play in a movie 找翁美玲拍電影要無線點頭.”

1984 December 22: Newspaper article, "Yung Mei Ling glossed over her blemishes by wearing a pair of glasses".

1984 December 24: Newspaper picture, "Visiting the Jinbao Li jewelry store."

1984 December 26: Newspaper article, “This is the first time that Yung Mei Ling works with Tong Leung Chiu Wai, it givesYung Mei Ling a feeling of freshness 初與梁朝偉合作.翁美玲有新鮮感”

1984 December 26: Newspaper article, "Yung Mei Ling worked with Tony Leung in new teleplay “The Challenge”."

1984 December 30: Newspaper article, "Yung Mei Ling smell of jealousy."

1984 December: Pictures of Yung Mei Ling's mother visiting Hong Kong

1984 December: Magazine interview 'Love life is dull, dating lacks romance (戀愛生活平淡,拍拖欠缺氣氛)'

1984 December: Magazine interview 'Marriage is a very clear line (翁美玲--婚姻是一條很明顯的界線)'




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