Signing a five-year contract to bet on luck

[Interview with Yawng]

If you don't know what "flattered" means, just ask Weng Meiling. On the day in front of the TV station, fans flocked to the door like bees to honey as soon as the taxi in which she was travelling arrived.

Some of them were so eager to get her autograph that they scratched her body with dozens of ballpoint pens, as if they were tattooing her.

It is true that being loved is a blessing. However, the fans' "violent" love was too much for her to bear and she fought her way out.

"She is now a very popular actress, with fame, fortune and a huge fan base, but also with scandals..
"Look on the bright side, it doesn't matter if you're angry! It doesn't matter." I advised her.

She laughed again, but I knew she resigned to the fact that she couldn't stay out of trouble just because she was "popular". So I started the conversation by telling her that there seemed to be a recent boom in the entertainment industry to register marriages overseas.

She shook her head without thinking: "I don't like to follow the trend, and what's the advantage of registering abroad? Oh, you're considering that I marry a foreigner?"

"Did you have a falling out with Kent?" I asked jokingly.

She made a gesture to hit me: "Who said anything about a falling out with Kent, if he reads the news, he'll say I'm talking nonsense."

Then she said seriously, "I still have a four-year contract with TVB and I said I would get married when the contract expires. So who can guarantee that in four years' time we'll have not broken up? If we're still friends by then, I'll marry him, of course, otherwise any man could be my future husband."

Weng Meiling says she grew up in England and it's not unusual for her to marry a gweilo, but she will give priority to a Hong Kong man.

"Will you get married quietly and secretly?" I asked.

Weng Meiling said, "Well, I don't think so. I'm very traditional about getting married, and I'm going to have a big party because I'm my mother's only daughter, so of course she wants me to get married in style. As for the size of the banquet and the level of decorations, it depends on my future husband, if he has savings, the bigger the better."

"I haven't seen Kent for the past few days. Where has he been?"

She said half-jokingly, "He went to Taiwan for smuggling! I don't care about him anymore, I don't even bother to answer his long-distance calls."

I don't believe her bullshit! In fact, if Kent had gone to Taiwan to shoot a movie, she would have been crying at home and laughing if he had really gone to smuggle."

"Is Kent doing sex scenes again?" I was angry with her.

"I don't care what he's doing, but before he left, he told me that there were no pornographic scenes in the film because the company forbide him to do it."

"How are the contract negotiations between Kent and TVB going?"

She smiled again, "I don't know. I'm afraid I'll say the wrong thing again."

I continued, "Since you've signed a five-year contract, you know the benefits of a five-year contract before you sign it."

"I signed a two-year contract after I was elected as Miss Hong Kong, but within six months I signed a five-year contract. But the case of Kent Tong, Micheal Miu and Andy Lau is different. They have been with TVB for more than four years since the training course and are quite famous. I don't know how long I'll have to wait. I'm not going to advise Kent Tong, so he can decide for himself. I'll leave it up to him."

The artist's artistic life is very short and no one can stay "popular" for life. It's useless to sit around and wait for death if you don't take a chance.

"Don't underestimate my fragile body, it's actually a steel bar, I've been working hard day and night and I'm still going strong because of it." She said, "It's a rare occasion that my mum comes to visit me, so of course I have enough to talk about with her.

Weng Meiling is a true "filial daughter", a virtue not found in the so-called new generation of women, so it is no wonder that she is a trendsetter and has so many loving and caring mothers.












「會不會靜悄悄秘密結婚?」 我問。