Weng Meiling wants five more years of youth

Interview with Yawng Neiwen

The rumor is that Weng Meiling and Kent Tong live together, Kent upstairs and Weng Meiling downstairs.

Weng Meiling bought a flat in Broadcast Drive to make it easier for her to go to work at TVB. The worst part is that none of the scandals about Weng Meiling are true, so for fear that people will occasionally see them going in and out of the same building, it is rumoured that they are living together, Weng Meiling suggested that Kent Tong move out of the building.

At the moment Weng Meiling is afraid of the scandal, fearing that the story will be spread more and more and everyone will believe it to be true. Weng Meiling and Kent Tong have not broken up. That day, when I met Weng Meiling, it so happened that Kent Tong came back from Taiwan and immediately he acted as  "Chai Kao", being a good host .

I said to Weng Meiling, "He's not the same person on the outside as he is on the inside."

But after meeting him, I found out that he is very loyal and dedicated, so I was really impressed.

The first time I saw him, I didn't believe he was a dedicated person. You have to know how to tell the difference between loyalty and unfaithfulness at a glance

She says she believes that the heart is what makes the heart grow, especially in the entertainment industry.

I asked her, "You've been working with Tony Leung, so you've had a lot of contact with him, what kind of person do you think he is?"

She said methodically, "At first, I found him a bit difficult to approach, often sitting quietly on the sideline.  He thought too much about things, you could say he was in over his head. I could tell when he was unhappy but was putting on a smile, and I said to him why be second to Fat Chai?"

Have you ever seen a person with a broken heart smile? Fat Chai is such a completely illogical person.

"Fat Chai has a lot on his mind, but he doesn't like to talk about it, but he does work very hard. I feel guilty when I see how hard he works, and now I've become more active because of his influence."

Tony leung01 Tony Leung


I asked, "What do you think of Andy Lau?

"Now that he doesn't have to work all night, he looks very haggard and his cheeks are so thin that they are sunken in. Even though he's pretending to be relaxed, you can see that he's very upset," she said.

"Everyone knows that Andy Lau is worried about his contract." I said.


Andy Lau

"When I was elected as one of the top 10 TV stars last year, I was smiling so much that I even looked better in my photos. But now I feel so 'crippled' and I'm not in a good mood." She says frankly.

"You're happy with your career and your love, what's bothering you?"

"I don't know. Even Kent says I'm worrying about nothing, He said I was luckier than many people, so what else do you want?" Weng Meiling said mockingly, "Yes, again, I'm lucky that someone likes me even though I'm small and I can't bite clearly.

"You're so self-deprecating," I said.

"I can't change that, but I can change my incoherent pronunciation because I haven't been told for over 20 years that my pronunciation is incorrect. I didn't realise until I joined the entertainment industry that I had a problem. I read the newspaper every day and I hope I can improve," she says with a laugh.

She also understands that if you don't improve, you fall back.

She can't be shy about everything but relationships

I gave up a job that paid twice as much as a training class because a friend said, "Don't let go of the opportunity now, if the entertainment industry doesn't suit you, you can find another job in the future, but if you lose the opportunity, it's gone."

Weng Meiling studied textile design in the UK and is a professional, so she is not worried about her future.

"I'm getting more and more into acting now, and my mother is against it" she laughs.

She and her mother emigrated to the UK at the age of 14 and developed an independent personality.

I said, "You're the opposite of Kent, you are a open person".

"I can make decisions about everything, but not about relationships," she says frankly. "If only God had given me five more years of youth to indulge myself, for example, by wandering Europe alone, doing whatever I wanted."

"Why can't you do that now?" I asked.

"Unfortunately, I'm a girl, so I can't do whatever I want," she said.

I asked, "Who did you find to go with when you went to Taiwan for a month to shoot a film?

"I've been working in TV for three years and I don't have a close girlfriend, but all my friends are men. I've been playing with them for five hours," she says, demonstrating her endurance.

"You're not afraid of being lonely?"

"I'm very adaptable and I can live in Africa as long as I'm happy. I have to dress up and spend a lot of time dressing up. but I just want to wear jeans and shoes." She laughs.

She really doesn't look like a star. She couldn't be happier to talk to. It's not like she's giving a speech or putting on a show in front of you.

It's too tiring to do theatre on a day-to-day basis," says Weng Meiling.

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