1984 Magazine article in magazine New Week

1984 January 1: Magazin interview, "Yung Mei Ling shyly talks about kissing, "it’s embarrassing"".

1984 January 2: Newspaper articles, Welcoming Japanese actress Sakamoto Sumiko

1984 January 2: Pictures and background information, Welcoming Japanese actress Sakamoto Sumiko

1984 January 4: Newspaper article, "Yung Mei Ling, one of the top 10 famous TV stars".

1984 January 4: Newspaper article, "Yung Mei Ling’s mother pushes her to marriage".

1984 January: Poster in Sisters Pictorial 238

1984 January 7:Newspaper article, "Mother Yung Mei Ling is coming over from UK".

1984 January 7: Newspaper article  "First dating at 13, it ended 2 years later".

1984 January 10: Video of Yung Mei Ling talking in TV interview about her first love.

1984 January: Pictures of Yung Mei Ling's mother visiting Hong Kong

1984 January 19: Newspaper article, "Yung Mei Ling complaining about Tong Chun Yip".

1984 January 19: Magazine article in Hong Kong Television Issue 846 "Yung Mei Ling about her first love"

1984 January 20: Pictures Yung Mei Ling attending a Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening of the Metro restaurant

1984 January 23: Newspaper article, "Losing weight due to tight filming schedule".

1984 January 28: Newspaper article, "They have the same length so they got acquainted."

1984 January 28: Pictures of Yung Mei Ling and Kent Tong visiting the golden 10 song award show

1984 January 29: Newspaper article, "Wong Yat Wah (Felix Wong) likes petite women."

1984 January 31: Newspaper article, "Everyone is busy except for Yung Mei Ling."

1984 January 31: Cover magazine Hong Kong TV News 3








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