1984 February: Photo shoot Kam Shing Road Recreation Ground

1984 February: Photo shoot at Broadcast Drive Garden

1984 February 1: Photo shoots of Yung Mei Ling for Chinese new year

1984 February 2: Video happy new year wishes by cast of The foundation

1984 February 4: Cover magazine TV News Weekly 458

1984 February 5: Newspaper article, "New role for Yung Mei Ling".

1984 February 7: Cover magazine Gold TV Weekly 443

1984 February 9: Cover magazine TV Week 849

1984 February 14: Video of Yung Mei Ling at TV-program at Valentine’s day.

984 February: Photo shoot Yung Mei Ling and Kent Tong

1984 February 16: Video and pictures of Yung Mei Ling at Chinese new year celebration for radio station

1984 February 19: Newspaper articles, "Yung Mei Ling in buying a flat and starts a fan club".

1984 February: Pictures Yung Mei Ling attending a ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of a market store

1984 February: The foundation screenshots and video fragments

1984 Information about the serie The Foundation 決戰玄武門

1984 February: Cover magazine Jade Weekly 124

1984 February: Magazine interview 'Yung Mei Ling keeps pushing herself (翁美玲不斷勉勵自己)'

1984 February 25: Cover magazine TV News Weekly 461

1984 February 28: Newspaper article, "Hodgepodge of movies, TV takes toll of cinemas".




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