Weng Meiling keeps pushing herself

[Interview with Yawng Neiwen]

It's surprising how quickly Weng Meiling has risen to the top of the television industry. As we all know, there is a lot of competition in the entertainment industry, and many people have been in the industry for many years, but they still find it hard to make a name for themselves, but Weng Meiling has become an instant success, which shows how lucky she is and how she was born to be in the industry.

When she was informed a year ago that she had become the 'Ideal Hibiscus', she was overwhelmed with joy. She had never been trained to act and had little experience in the field, so if she took on this task, it would be very difficult for her to turn around if anything went wrong. However, she finally put all her doubts aside and took on the challenging job with determination.

When she first joined the production of "The Legend of the Eagle", she encountered a lot of difficulties and setbacks, but she was still willing to learn and determined to do well. By the time of "The Sword of Hua Shan", she was already known as the embodiment of Pretty Huang Rong and was a big hit with the audience, becoming a star of tomorrow and laying the foundation for her career.

"When I first joined the shoot, I would often get into the wrong position and read the wrong dialogue. I was not quick enough to react and I had to suffer a lot of NGs. The seniors who worked with me spent a lot of their precious time because of me, but they were very good to me as a newcomer. However, they were very kind to me, a newcomer, and instead of blaming me, they taught me the tricks of the trade and encouraged me to get through my difficulties. I am very grateful for their kindness," she says frankly, recalling her first experience in the industry.

"Confidence is very important if one is to succeed. When I had setbacks, I would encourage myself to have the confidence to overcome my difficulties and so far it has proved to be effective," she says.

"I think I have learnt a lot of valuable experience when competing in the Miss Hong Kong pageant. The weeks of training before the pageant were very hard, but it was an unforgettable experience for me, and after competing on stage, I was able to overcome my stage fright. That's how I was able to overcome my stage fright, even though I was a beginner." she added. "That's really something to do with the training for Miss Hong Kong,"

She is now an accomplished artist, with a contract with TVB and the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong to appear on stage. She has decided to stay in Hong Kong for the long term and has recently found a new home in Hong Kong in a nice environment. On the love front, her relationship with Kent Tong is growing, and she is in a situation where she can't even get rid of him. After "The Battle of Xuan Wu Men", she has teamed up with Miao Qiao Wei in the new film "The Divine Master", as a couple.

source: http://www.barbarayung.net/