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In a recent interview with Lin Yingjia's YouTube channel, Zheng Mingming said that she loved beauty and dressing up since she was a child, so she ignored her father's objection and insisted on leaving Hong Kong to study hairdressing and beauty in Japan. Later, she opened her own beauty shop. At present, Zheng Mingming has become a beauty godmother. There are 22 beauty schools in the world.


Zheng Mingming is one of the founders of the artists' home. She mentioned that the original intention of setting up the association was related to the death of her good friend Weng Meiling. She said, "I knew an artist Weng Meiling, who made the legend of archery heroes. She has become a friend all day. Usually I feel so early because I have to get up early. One good night, he called me and said, "I'm so unhappy. I asked him if he was happy. He said he would make friends with his boyfriend. I don't know that he is so serious. Just let him wake up quickly and it will be fine. The next morning he listened to the radio and said he would turn on the gas and commit suicide. "

Zheng Mingming confessed that she saw many fans and friends grieving for Weng Meiling in the spirit hall. She was very remorseful. "I'm so sorry. If I had a good understanding of her that night, it might not have happened..." later, she and uncle Qiao decided to organize an "artist's home". Through faith and friendship, she hoped that the artists would be relieved from the pressure outside of work Each other, do not want to have such tragedy again.




2020 December 9: Zhen Mingming recalls Weng Meiling's suicide

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