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Liang Haiping, a famous photographer in Hong Kong from 1960s to 1980s.


In the late 1960s, he was a royal photographer of Shao's film company. By 1976, he had his own studio (studio A). Silver world, the most authoritative film magazine in Hong Kong at that time, began to use the star photos taken by Liang Haiping as the cover in May 1976. In addition to the silver world, Liang Haiping's works can often be seen on the covers and inside pages of other magazines such as sisters, Hong Kong Film and painting, Nanguo film, singer's album cover, star calendar, and even the cover of the zodiac book published annually by Hong Kong's famous cartographers. However, every time Xu Xiaofeng, long Jiansheng, Mei Xueshi and other superstars take photos, they must point out that Liang Haiping is not allowed. It can be seen that master Liang is indeed one of the most famous contemporary photographers.

60年代後期是邵氏電影公司的御用攝影師,到了1976年,他就擁有了一間屬於自己的影樓(Studio A 影藝新娘禮服攝影公司)。香港當時最具權威性的電影雜誌「銀色世界」也在1976年5月份開始選用梁海平拍的明星照片作為封面。除了銀色世界之外,姊妹、香港影畫、南國電影等其他雜誌的封面、內頁,歌手的唱片封套、明星月曆,甚至香港著名堪輿學家每年出版的生肖運程書籍之封面都經常可以見到梁海平的作品。而徐小鳳、龍劍笙、梅雪詩等巨星每次拍照都一定會指明要梁海平不可,可見梁大師确实是當代首屈一指的名牌攝影師。

His speciality is photographing with a shiny mostly red or blue background.


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