Carina Leung kit Wah, born in Hong Kong from August 4, 1960 to May 26, 2020, is a former Hong Kong TVB actress and a former senior manager of an insurance company. Her husband is the famous artist Felix Wong and her daughter is artist Huang Zhiqing

Carina Leung Kit Wah graduated from the 8th wireless arts training class in 1979. In her early years, she was a "Miss Joy" in the variety show "happy tonight" and participated in some performances. Later, she also participated in many TV series, such as "Shanghai beach sequel", "little hero of the flower boat", "nongben's love story", "I-shaped head", "urban formula" and "Taiping Heavenly Kingdom" Drama, she mainly plays the character unruly willful girl or woman role.

In 1990, Carina Leung Kit Wah joined her husband, Felix Wong in Asia TV. In 1992, she completely quit the entertainment industry. Since then, Carina Leung Kit Wah changed her job and became an insurance broker and devoted herself to raising her daughter, rarely appearing in public.

In January 2014, some media said that Carina Leung Kit Wah had been hospitalized for an emergency of unknown cause at the end of November 2013, and it was rumored that her disease might be blood cancer (leukemia). In 2016, at the invitation of Wang manling, Carina Leung Kit Wah and Felix Wong revealed that she was suffering from acute myeloid leukemia after blood test in the interview program "star meeting guest room" of cable TV entertainment station. She underwent five times chemotherapy before gradually recovering. In 2018, Huang Zhiqing, Carina Leung Kit Wah's daughter, said that her mother had received bone marrow transplantation and the operation was successful

On the afternoon of May 26, 2020, she died of organ failure at Gangyi hospital. She was 59 years old 

梁潔華(Carina Leung Kit Wah,1960年8月4日-2020年5月26日[2]),出生於香港,前香港無綫電視女演員,前保險公司高級經理人員,其丈夫為著名男藝人黃日華,女兒為藝人黃芷晴。



2014年1月,有媒體稱梁潔華曾於2013年11月底突因不明的急病住院,並傳言其所患的病可能是血癌(白血病)。2016年,梁潔華及黃日華一同應汪曼玲邀請,於有線電視娛樂台訪談節目《星級會客室》中透露自己乃經驗血檢查後,證實患有急性骨髓性白血病,須接受五次化療始逐漸康復. 2018年,梁潔華女兒黃芷晴稱梁已接受骨髓移植手術並手術成功.









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