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The swimsuit worn by Yung Mei Ling in the Miss Hong Kong semi-final and final was sponsored by Triumph (still available in the Taobao Tmall shop) and the red cheongsam worn by Yung Mei Ling in the semii-final was sponsored by King's fabric limited Asia Silk (this company has been disbanded) The semi-final was held at the Elizabeth Stadium in Wanchai on the 22nd of June 1982, Yung Mei Ling was given number 6. The semi-final was broadcast live on television. Yung Mei Ling made it to the 15th place and therefore qualified for the final. The final was held on 29 May 1982 at the Lee Stage. The Master of Ceremonies was Ho Sau Shun and Wong Jim and the judging panel was made up of 19 celebrities.Yung Mei Ling finished 8th in the final.

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Triumph International Limited, swimwear sponsor is a world-renowned lingerie brand from Germany, was founded in 1886 and has a long history of over 130 years. Today, it has grown from a small lingerie factory in Heubach, Baden-Württemberg, in southern Germany, a century ago to one of the world's largest lingerie manufacturers based in Zurzach, Switzerland, with over 43,000 employees.

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Similar to the P&G Group, Triumph has been diversifying since 2005, when it extended its product line to Europe and Japan with the launch of its professional beauty products under the logo DAF, including a green juice skincare range and essential oils, etc. In August 2008, Triumph professionally entered the mainland market first. Since 1992, Triumph has set up two factories in China and branches in major cities, with a total of over 10,000 employees nationwide.

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香港小姐准决赛和决赛中阿翁穿的泳装是黛安芬赞助的(淘宝天猫店还有,准决赛阿翁穿的红色旗袍是亚洲绸缎公司赞助的(这家公司已经解散了 1982.5.22准决赛在湾仔伊丽莎白体育馆举行,阿翁第6号,准决赛以现场直播的方式在电视上播出。阿翁表现的大方得体,顺利进入十五名,进入决赛。。。1982.5.29决赛在利舞台举行。司仪由何守信和黄沾担任,评判团由19位知名人士担任。阿翁决赛获得第8名。。。。。黛安芬国际有限公司,,泳装赞助,,,,,,,,黛安芬,来自德国的全球知名内衣品牌,创立于1886年,至今已经拥有了130多年的悠久历史。时至今日,她已经从一个世纪前德国南部巴登符腾堡州的Heubach市一家小小的内衣工厂发展成为总部位于瑞士Zurzach的全球最大的内衣制造商之一,拥有超过43,000名员工。


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