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At the end of June 1984, while preparing to be the July Vitality Star, Yung Mei Ling injured her right thumb while filming a promotional video for the sword dance and later the thumb got caught in a door, and Yung Mei Ling was treated for this. The home pictures shows Yung Mei Ling's right thumb wrapped in gauze. The home photo series was taken by Huoyan magazine. The outdoor lawn was shot at RTHK opposite Wai Kam Yuen.


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Yung Mei Ling's finger bones were injured after she got hurt and then caught in a door.
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新明日报 (Xin Ming Ri Bao) 30 June 1984
The Hong Kong-based film company has taken a break from its work for a while, but her right hand was originally injured when it recorded a sword dance a while ago, according toYung Mei Ling. Her thumb was caught by a door.

soruce: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4518383502273369


弄伤后又遭门夹 翁美玲指骨受伤 [ARTICLE]
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新明日报 (Xin Ming Ri Bao) 30 June 1984 (香港讯)  Microfilm Reel NL14486B
弄翁香香港休 01 了一会儿月出任无星曰前会右手原来意据翁美玲右手大拇前阵子她录影舞剑许。怎料被大门央隻肿


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