During the decade when TVB had a huge star-studded cast, television had become an integral part of people's lives. At this time, TVB dramas were no longer concentrated in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, the Cantonese-speaking areas where they were broadcast. Mainland audiences were treated to the first Hong Kong TV series, Huo Yuanjia, in 1983, although it was not from TVB, but from the then-prominent TV Asia. The first TVB drama to reach mainland audiences was The Legend of the Condor Heroes in 1984, starring Wong Yat-wa and Weng Mei-ling. As Chia-TV's Michelle Wong and ATV's Huo Yuanjia dominated the Hong Kong martial arts drama market, TVB deployed most of its production elite, employing more than half of its best actors at the time to remake The Legend of the Condor Heroes. At the time of Chia-TV's collapse in 1978, TVB acquired the rights to adapt almost all of Jin Yong's works (The Legend of the Condor Heroes is based on Jin Yong's novel of the same name, not a word-for-word rendition of the original novel). As a result, 80% of the more than 200 Hong Kong TV dramas that where shown to mainland audiences in the 1980s were mainly costume drama's. TVB martial arts dramas such as The Eight Parts of Heaven and Dragon, The Divine Eagle, The Flying Fox on Snowy Mountain, The Chivalrous Guest, The Record of the Dragon, and The Legend of the Deer and the Cauldron took the country by storm and became the best form of popular entertainment in the 1980s, when TV drama productions in the mainland were weak. Another TVB drama that sparked a ratings boom in the Mainland in the 1980s for millions of people was Shanghai Tang starring Chow Yun Fat and Chiu Ah Chi.
  At that time, TVB had already formed a rivalry between the "Five Tigers" and the young generation of Cheng Siu-chiu, Wan Chi-leung and Chow Yun-fat. In the 1983 variety show "All star challenge", Miao Qiao Wei, Tong Chun Yip, Wong Yat Wah, Andy Lau and Tony Leung performed "acrobatics" together, and Sir Run Run Shaw, one of the founders of TVB, personally inscribed the Five Tiger. "In 1983, the star-studded competition show Five Tigers was born, with Weng MeiLing appearing in front of the camera for one or two seconds.
Weng MeiLing and the TVB Four Tigers formed a film bond. After Weng MeiLing's death, the TVB Five Tigers disbanded in the late 1980s.




source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4660294816631933

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