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1983 03 14 blue dress01

On March 13 in 1985 Weng Meiling was photographed in a stylised version of "The battlefield" at the TVB. She played the famous prostitute Yu Die Er who died for Xiang Yu. The blue costume is commonly seen as a noble consort and queen during the Warring States and Three Kingdoms period. The earliest was in 1975 when Zheng Shaoqiu starred in The God of Luo, which can be seen with a sister dress in a black camisole. 1976 Li Xiangqin. 1985 Zheng Yuling played Zhong Wu Yan in both blue and red dresses worn by Weng Meiling. The blue dress was eventually worn by Qin II's concubine in "The River Chu".

source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4580541745860422

1985.3.14阿翁在无线分厂拍摄《楚河汉界》造型照,扮演为项羽而亡的名妓玉蝶儿。。这件蓝色古装常见于战国三国时期的贵妃皇后。最早是1975年郑少秋主演的《洛神》,可以看到里面还有一件黑色坎肩的姊妹衣服。1976李香琴。1985年郑裕玲扮演钟无艳的蓝红两件衣服阿翁都穿过。。。最终《楚河汉界》里面秦二世的妃子穿了这件蓝衣服 。

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