Weng Meiling is optimistic about filmmakers and borrows movies from wireless companies


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04.12 18:31
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On April 30, 1983, the "Overseas Chinese Daily" reported.
(The "Eagle Shooting Heroes" "The East Side of the West" is scheduled to be launched on Monday (May 2), April 29, the crew held a special reception, A Weng and Huang Rihua, Miu Kiu, Yang Panpan and other co-presentation reception)


        The lead actress Weng Meiling of "The Eagle Shooting Heroes" said yesterday that after taking this drama, she plans to travel to Europe and visit her mother in Britain. However, if someone asks her to make a movie, her plan may change again. Because in the past few months, there have been a number of filmmakers who are looking for her to make movies. However, because she is too busy, she does not have time for her.

        After returning from the United Kingdom last year, Ms. Weng Meiling has lived in the house of the mother, but she has become more and more troublesome. Even though she is embarrassed, she decided to move out. She is currently looking for a suitable building. She stated that she does not have enough money to buy a building and that her parents are funding her.

       Asked what plan she had taken after shooting “The Eagle-Fighting Heroes”, Weng Meiling stated that she did not know how the company would arrange, because it was reported that the company used her image of Huang Rong to go too deep into the private sector. She is Huang Rong, so she may not send her performance for some time. Although she still does not know the facts, she is also very concerned about the company’s views on her. Although she can earn extra money by going out for the rest of the film, she asks herself to be addicted to TV. She naturally hopes to have more time to rest. .


        Wang Tianlin introduced that the recording of "Dungxi Xixue" was fairly smooth and did not exceed the budget. Shooting of the third series of “The Shooting of the Eagle” was started, but the progress was slower because the martial arts scene took time to shoot. Wang Tianlin stated that there was currently a martial artist and actor accidentally injured during the shooting. Wu Da plays are inevitable, but all in all, the shooting of the entire drama is smooth.

        Regarding Weng Meiling’s performance of Huang Rong’s performance, Wang Tianlin stated that he often made suggestions to her. Under constant improvement, she has been able to grasp the role of her role and her performance has greatly improved.






04.12 18:31
阅读 305
​ ( 《射雕英雄传》之《东邪西毒》定于周一(5月2日)推出,4月29日,剧组特别举行了招待会,阿翁与黄日华、苗侨伟、杨盼盼等共同出席了招待会)