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Mingpao Weekly Barbara's most unforgettable Christmas.



Barbara's most unforgettable Christmas was the year when it had the biggest snow in England. It was about five or six years ago.

Barbara said: that year a bunch of friends and I were planning to go to Netherland for Christmas holiday.We tried to catch up with the train and the boat. The snow was so heavy that the train couldn't even start. Subsequently, we didn't catch that boat.

"However, when I recalled, it was a trilling and exciting Christmas." Barbara said: "my mother was so worried about it at home, she was afraid that something bad happened, but we eventually arrived in Netherland, and stayed there from Christmas till new year, it was the whole week."

"I have to work this Christmas, nothing to think about it". Such a pity.

Source: Mingpao Weekly No. 841 p18 Source: www.barbarayung.net

((thank you Melanie for the translation)


Xmas In Holland





不过回想起来,却是一个充满惊险和刺激的圣诞,翁美玲说: 「我母亲在家担心得不得了,就是怕我们一夥发生意外,但终於我们都到了荷兰,由圣诞玩到新年,一共玩了整个星期。」


本文资料来源:明报周刊 NO.841 P18


MingPo Weekly Cover No.841


 (thanks to eblc2006 for providing the magazin information and the translation into simplified Chinese)



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8 years ago
Hi Bob,

I remember that you said you never spent a Christmas with Barbara. But i dit not remember where I saw this. In this article, Barbara went to Netherlands for Christmas in 1977 or 1978 with you? Or she meant your engagement in 1979, because it is in winter, so i am just a little confused.

I am looking forward to your book, can i find it in France when it will be publised?

Reading yours storys makes me think about my life and the choices that i made.

Thanks for sharing.
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8 years ago
Sorry, I mean "Rob". That's not very polite to write "Bob" in stead of "Rob". Excuse me.

Have a nice day,
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8 years ago
No problem, lots of people call me Bob.

Barbara is in this article talking about her visit in 1978. She wasn't there at Christmas but the day after boxing day. She stayed with me till the 2nd week of the new year. In the first week we got engaged, that was therefore in 1979.

I guess the book will be available by internet, so should be no problem to obtain it. Beijng TV already showed interest in the book. So who knows what that may lead to.
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8 years ago
So she meant that the engagement and being together with the family and friends made her holidays unforgettful. Wow sweet memories for both of you.

Maybe a movie after the publication of the book. I really hope so.

I knew your site, by chance, about one week ago. I keep talking about your stories with my husband. I am really surprised at how your stories influence me, in a good way. Life is full of surprises and uncertainties. I really cherish what I have. Thanks again.
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