Although playing Huang Rong’s reputation, Ms. Weng Meiling paid a lot of price
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On April 7, 1983, the "Business Evening News" reported

  Weng Meiling plays the role of Huang Rong. The performance of the game is well-balanced. However, Weng Meiling’s role as Huang Rong has brought her fans a lot.

     I recently saw Weng Meiling out of the wireless, often holding a large stack of fans in her hands. It can be seen that her popularity is not to be underestimated.

    “I’m very grateful to them for their love for me. Many of those letters were specifically intended to give me some advice. Some also encouraged me to continue my efforts. Before I always felt that fans liked an idol, judged only by appearance, and now proved my The viewpoint is wrong, because those fans seem to be more interested in my acting skills."

    It has been said that whoever plays the role of Huang Rong will become popular. For this sentence, Weng Meiling is the least convinced.

    “It's undeniable that Huang Rong is a pleased character, but it must be performed well before someone appreciates it! The audience’s eyes are brilliant. If they are performed by a person with no acting skills, they will be criticized. I dare not say that I play. Good, but at the very least I have done my best."

    It is true that Weng Meiling paid a lot of money to perform Huang Rong. She only saw that she was now in thin shape, and she knew that she was doing a lot of hard work. The

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