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In 1983 Barbara wrote an article for Jade magazine. Jade magazine was a popular magazine, with articles and interviews about famous TV stars.


This is what she wrote:

Reading through LOCH novel like mad after being selected, determine to portrait a cuter image.

I don't write often, but if I do, now I don't know where I should start. Recently, after being selected to play the Huang Rong character, suddenly I have received a lot of attention, making me feel overwhelmed and flattered.

I myself would like nature to run its course, and as a follower in fatalism, I regard that selection result possibly an act of fate. I haven't thought about it beforehand, and this I have already told reporters many times before. Summed up in one sentence, I went to the audition simply because my company had asked me to.

Whether I am a person who deserves attention from others, this I don't know. I only know I have to try my best, regardless of what the results are, and be answerable to myself.

I have never thought I would play the role of Huang Rong, and in the twelve years living in the U.K., I seldom read martial art novels, not even the infamous LOCH novel by Jin Yung.

Returning to Hong Kong which I have left twelve years ago, and took part in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, I have learned a lot. Therefore I regard winning the Pageant was not my only aim, most importantly is to learn from taking part, gaining knowledge and broaden my horizon.

Although taking up Huang Rong's role isn't something incredible, it does give me a chance to try out a new role, and provides me with more experience. I'm not looking for a quick success but a role which become better with passage of time.

Ultimately I'm still a novice, without much acting experience. Therefore I hope with the carefully and detailed directions provided by the director, I can fulfil the role to his satisfaction. However, I can't rely and depend fully on the director's effort, I ought to apply my best effort too.

As of today, I have already gone through three of the four LOCH novels, and have started on the final novel. Although I dare not say I have completely mastered the character role of Huang Rong, basically I have figured out how her character would be like.

I have told myself,"Yung Mei Ling, you just can't stand with a straight face before the camera, you have to act.". Truth be told, I must not fail to live up to the audience's expectation of Huang Rong, or waste any of the hard work and dedication of the LOCH production team.

Although my aim is rather high, this does not increase the pressure upon myself. I hope things can come more naturally. "The Legend of the Unknowns" is my first drama, I feel my acting is quite natural but I don't know if others would share the same view. There are more scenes in LOCH than "The Legend of the Unknowns", but I firmly believe my past experience in "The Legend of the Unknowns" would help me in LOCH.

Frankly, I'm still a novice, one off past experience could not form a firm base for my acting career and I don't demand a quick success. Even so, I won't model my acting on others. Yung Mei Ling is Yung Mei Ling and ought to have her own direction. Other's success in playing Huang Rong has nothing to do with me, and I must not follow their directions. I have to break away from the mould and create another image of Huang Rong. Only this can I repay the respect the audience offered to me.

Whenever I think of those enthusiastic audiences, I must not relax in my effort. Their high level of respect towards a novice like myself, I find it hard to believe. Where ever I went, there are always a group of enthusiastic fans asking for my signature, or having photos taken with me. At first I felt rather unease with all that but now I get accustomed. The most happy and heart warming moment is when they shouted,"Huang Rong, she's coming."

Not only audiences call me like that, colleagues working in afternoon talk show also call me "Yellow Yung". I think I might even drop my english name "Barbara" and use "Yellow" instead as Yellow Yung is more widely accepted.

Although my first scene in LOCH is yet to come, in my daily live I have unconsciously become Huang Rong myself. I have heard several new friends talking behind my back,"Have you noticed the character and posture of Yung Mei Ling has become cuter recently?" I laughed secretly when I have heard this. Of course I have to immerse myself deep in the Huang Rong character, or else I would end up being a miserable Huang Rong in front of the audience.

This Huang Rong character is not easy to perform, even the cuteness and naughtiness have to be nurtured carefully. I'm definitely not as smart as Huang Rong herself but I hope I can bring liveliness to her character. I would show audience my version of Huang Rong and to leave deep impression within their heart, and do justice to the famous novel of Jin Yung.

To me, playing a role that is so well known by nearly everyone is not easy. As I know nothing about martial art, I'm really worry when I was asked to fight with sword or stick. After taking careful instructions and training by martial art teachers, I think I can now manage that without difficulty. If I've known earlier I have to fight in this "martial art world", perhaps I would have gone up the mountains and be an apprentice of some martial art masters.

I was the first to audition for Huang Rong in the morning during that day, and have to work immediately on the "The Legend of the Unknowns" in the afternoon so I haven't got the chance to see how others or myself had performed.

Only after the final result had been announced was I told by someone. Apart from feeling surprised I was also feeling very cheerful.

Now everything is in the past and my feelings then had been told many times. All in all, I feel "lucky' and "cheerful". Once when I was putting on makeups, Isabella walked in the parlor to visit me and we were having a frank conversation. We get along well. Isabella also remarked that if she ever get the chance to act in drama, she would also like to play roles similar to Huang Rong.

Here I would like to say to you Isabella, I also really hope to play in a good drama with you together.

(translated by eblc2006)

The original article comes from www.barbarayung.net


當選後才惡補射鵰 決心演得比人便俏















不單觀眾這樣叫,甚至錄影「婦女新姿」的工作人員,他們每見到我也高呼:「YELLOW 翁!」我想,我可能要將我的英文名字巴巴拉翁摒棄,改為YELLOW翁會更為人接受!








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