The interview before the "Cutout" is about to air

On February 28, 1983, "Shotshot" broadcast an interview published by the former "Overseas Chinese Daily".

Yung Mei Ling, who played Huang Rong in "The Eagle Shooting Heroes", was excited and nervous when the series was about to be launched. She told the reporter: "Time flies so fast. I know I have to play Huang Rong's corner. It's like yesterday's thing. I can't think that the drama will immediately meet with the audience. I feel a bit nervous."

        “What do you think about Huang Rong?” the reporter asked her.

        “It’s very fun, but it’s also very hard. For me, playing Huang Rong is really a big challenge. It’s not easy to play Huang Rong, not to mention I’m a new person, I’m not experienced in acting, I’m also an ancient costume. I'm fortunate enough, but TVB is going to do it for me. I first sent me to perform in the costume drama “Thirteen Girls,” letting me gain more experience. At the same time, the members who performed the “Iridium” play with me also showed me Particular attention is paid to my performances such as Sister Cheung, Xie Xian, and so on, which has enabled me to perform a complete show smoothly."

       "Of course, this does not mean that I played well. I just tried my best to perform. It was still smooth. Whether or not the Huang Rong I created was accepted by the audience. This is another problem. This is also the reason for my nervousness. Because the answer is coming, I must face the facts.


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​​​ 在《射雕英雄传》中担演黄蓉的翁美玲,在剧集即将推出之时,感到既兴奋又紧张。她对记者说:“时间过得真快,我知道自己要演黄蓉一角,就好像是昨天的事,想不到现在剧集就马上要与观众见面,心里有点儿紧张。”






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