Weng Meiling is thrilled to be selected as one of the 'Top 10'

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Top 10 TV Stars Election
Ms. Weng Mei Ling
It's been just over a year since her debut and she has been awarded the top 10 in the TV industry along with several other girls.

Weng Meiling and Kent Tong have been dating for only a year, but their relationship is developing rapidly, with the two of them travelling together and meeting their future mother-in-law.  As they are both photographed together, and they go out alone, if you ask one of them, you will definitely know the whereabouts of the other.

They're so close, they're not going to stop talking about getting married, are they? All these signs give the impression that they are in love, and because they are both in love, people suspect that they are living together.

This is not the first time that the two of them have lived together. The first time was a few months ago, and it was already rumoured. When asked in person, she swore to God that it was not true. Growing up in a foreign country, she has an open mind and it is not uncommon in Hong Kong for people to try to live together before marriage.

"Why should I hide anything from people? I've always been against cohabitation and I don't try to get married. She said, "I think a girl must keep her dignity before marriage, I want to keep the mystery alive."

She was so honest at the time, but within a few months, the rumour had resurfaced.

"Why is that?"

"I think Tom and I have been seeing a lot of each other lately, people have been calling him and I've been playing mahjong at his house and sometimes when I'm playing late, people still hear my voice so they misunderstand me. My mother is not worried if I don't come home at this time of night She knows I won't mess around."

They 've been seeing each other more closely than before, because she doesn't have to do dramas.

"No films?"

"I've been pushed out of six films in a row."

After 'The Sandwich Man', she has only appeared on stage once in Thailand, and the new series doesn't start until mid-January,

"So I don't know what to do with a lot of time, so of course I'm spending it with him." says Weng Meiling.

He has to stay on set day and night to catch up on his work, but luckily his girlfriend has more time to look after him.

"But taking care of him doesn't mean I live with him, you can call me at home and I'll be there. I won't live with someone without a proper name," she says, "I can't break my mother's heart, she only has one daughter."

When she returned to Hong Kong from England, she had no idea that she would become so popular in such a short time. However, I think the road ahead of her is not a smooth one. She can't be said to be too good as Huang Rong, especially when the audience likes to compare her with Michelle and Ouyang Pei Shan, which makes her feel very sad.

"I just want to do the best I can. I think I've gotten better at acting in costumes after playing The Legend of the Eagle."

She can't say she's good, but she's doing the best she can.

I can't ask for much. "Sister Pei Shan has been acting for so many years."

"That's for sure."

In her recent role as 'The Sandwich Man', she was very kind and decent, but she has no character, and at the end of the play she is written to be quite petty.
She's not as good as Lau Man-yee in terms of stealing the show.

"I know." I know," says Weng Meiling "There's always someone on top of you in everything you do".

Don't you think that will affect you?"

"I knew that when I took the role, but I think a character without a character is more difficult than one with a character."

She's not defending herself, it's true!

Sensationalism is always more appealing than warmth, and a characterless role is, of course, a little more difficult to play. She's a bit upset by the bad reviews.
But TVB has a plan to make her a star.

The reason why TVB didn't allow her to do a film, and pushed her out of six films, was because they wanted her to play in Ng Yun Chuen's new film, "The Master's Place".

"What role are you playing in the film?"

"My role is similar to Chong Ching's role in 'Lai Bo Yi'.

I said, "Can you get used to playing this kind of role?"

"I don't know if it's because I've been in costume a lot that I'm more natural in my acting."

It's a fact of life that Weng Meiling is a popular actress. This year's Top 10 TV artists include five from TVB and five from ATV, so if you look at the list, you will understand that there must be something "mysterious" about it.

In any case, the list of nominees is made up of a number of sisters, with the exception of one new firm sister, Ms. Weng Meiling. Many people don't take this award seriously anymore, but she does.

"It means I am one of the lucky ones in the industry, and it's good to receive the award in person so I can take it home as a souvenir," she said.

Although she still has to work hard to improve, she does have a certain number of fans. The fact that she organises fan clubs and has a large number of applicants shows that TVB has done some research to promote her. The fans at the door were chanting her name and asking her to sign autographs, so her popularity is growing day by day.

"How could I do anything that would be detrimental to my reputation under such circumstances?"

She says she is not open at all. She refused to marry Kent Tong if he did not follow the normal procedure.

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