The story of Weng Meiling who went toHong Kong alone, without a partner or manager.

[Interview with Yawng Neiwen]

When Weng Meiling entered the entertainment industry, she was just a newcomer, but now that she has become popular, she has been approached by many people who want to filmher or have her on stage, and although she still needs TVB consent, she has much more freedom in this matter.

She is not always treated so well, especially in the entertainment industry, where some people bully her as a girl and think she is too young to work.

"It's outrageous, what do they think I am? Look honest on the outside, but there's a lot of cunning inside!" She reacted on the price she was offered.

On several occasions, when she went out on stage on her own, her boyfriend Kent Tong was worried that she would not be able to find anyone to help her in case she was alone.

"I've spent so many years in the UK, I'm used to living independently, but most of the time I'm asked to play a weak girl who needs to be taken care of, so even my boyfriend Kent is worried about this and that!"

Whenever she is invited to appear on stage by an entertainment company, she tries not to get a partner if she can, so it is better to earn all the money alone than to find someone else to share it with.

"It's better to earn all the money alone than to share it with someone else," she says. Weng Meiling has been in charge for one year after her debut, and it's all about hard work.

The TVB thought highly of her, she was so popular on screen that she was cast in one drama after another, and she was sought out to appear on stage.

She said, "When a relationship develops, we have confidence in each other, so we have to work hard to make money for the future". She was also been seen picked  up from time to time in a red sports car owned by Kent, proving that the story was true.

Some have advised her to find a manager rather than to arrange her own shows, but she doesn't see the need and does everything herself, saving her manager's commission.


Organizing a fan club can be harmful.

A fan club is a meaningful thing to do, it helps you to promote yourself, and it also helps you to mingle with your fans and make friends. But I'm afraid that if the fan club is not well organised, the bad guys will come in and use the name of the fan club to commit illegal activities. ....

Weng Mei-ling: "In the past, fan clubs were the monopoly of big names, and having a fan club was a symbol of prestige, but with the popularisation of fan clubs, all big and small names can organise fan clubs. I don't agree with some people who think that attending fan clubs is frivolous because it is a normal activity, but of course it is not good for fans to worship too much."


source:  1984 Magazines (1984年間雜誌)