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Stitches in the eye, fortunately no scars.

[Interview with Yvonne]

Before the Lunar New Year, I had already approached Ms. Weng Meiling, hoping to interview the new "Pretty Wong Yung". However, I was given a stack of announcements to read, and she either had to work overnight or day and night, so I couldn't be bothered!

The... A few stitches, no scars

Recently, she was admitted to hospital with a stab wound to the eye in an accident. After more than a week of medical treatment, she finally recovered and was able to attend the screening immediately. Although she had many stitches in her eye, at first glance, she didn't notice much. I asked her curiously.

"Hehe!" she said. "I'm glad I have double eyelids, they just cover up the scars!"

"Afraid of losing your face?"

"Yes, a little bit, but I'm also afraid that if I hadn't been stabbed higher this time, I would have been blind."

Luckily, the scar has now faded, so it's a relief to have it there! "How did you feel at the time?"

""It was a shock! But I was a sensible person, so I told myself to calm down. It was only when I got to the hospital that I found out I needed stitches, and that's when I realised I wasn't so badly hurt!"

"When the accident happened, did you ever think that it was not worth it to suffer such a misfortune because of the TV drama?"

"I've been through the worst of it and I'll deal with it from now on."

"Did you feel a lot of pressure to play Huang Rong because Michelle was there first?"

"I just know I can do my best. It doesn't matter to me how well I do. I didn't expect to play this role in the first place. But since I have this opportunity, I just want to do my job."

"If your image of Huang Rong doesn't go down well, will it affect your future development?"

"To be honest, I haven't thought about it. If I fail this time, I'll keep trying. It's easy for the audience to forget."

The TV-serie is a great success.

She is very committed to the job and enjoys it, but many still think she speaks with a slight lisp.

"I don't want to. But I've tried to change. I remember when I came back from England, I was even more slurred."

"What was the most difficult scene in the Legend of the Eagle? Which scene?"

"Well ...." I know how to swim but I don't know how to dive, so it was very difficult."

"Are there many fight scenes?"

"My role is not too much of a fight."

It is still too early to say whether she will gain or lose from being cast as Wong Yung, but it is inevitable that the audience will compare her to Michelle. Her rabbit teeth make her look sweet, so it's no wonder Kent Tong is on the offensive.

"How are you and Kent getting on?"

"How is it going? I'm just friends with him."

"Oh... Tom is courting you!"

"He's pursuing me, that's his business. I don't admit it."

"You don't admit to dating?"


"But .... Didn't he say he was after you? And he's so concerned about you that he makes you soup.

"I can't help it if he cares, and apart from him, Wah (Wong Yat-wah) also talks to me, doesn't he? I can't avoid that."

"That's different, Wah has a girlfriend."

"Anyway, I just see him as a friend!"

Three men, one by one

If not, it's going to be very difficult to get Weng Meiling to acknowledge the relationship.

"Did you know that Kent was pursuing you?"

"He's very nice to me, actually. In fact, I am good friends with Kent, Wah and Miu Kiu Wai, and I treat them all equally."

 "Have you ever been on a date alone?"

"It's very rare, we mostly go together."

"What is your impression of them? Let's start with Wong Yat Wah!"

"He's probably younger, so he's more of a simple guy."

"What about Miu Kiu Wai?"

"Don't look at him like he's a gentleman. He's actually the most active and the most fun."

"What about Tom?"

"When I was in the UK, I watched his dramas and I always thought he was always acting like a traitor and looking like a Buddha. But after I met him, I found out that he is not what he looks like, he is a very thoughtful and quiet type!"

"Well ...." After a moment of contemplation: "Thoughtful and motivated, because I'm more outgoing, so he should be active!"

I said, "He is similar to Kent's personality.

The... A bit lucky to be given a big role

Although she denies that she is dating Kent, it is a fact that they are together.

"Did you meet Kent during the filming of '13 Girls'? She nodded.

When she was admitted to hospital, Kent was there day and night to take care of her, but she was still not impressed.

He did take good care of you,"

She says, "Friends, of course, care for each other!"

Although, after his break-up with Deborah Moya, Kent threatened not to fall in love again. He said he would not fall in love again and would concentrate on his work. But fate is not something you can control!

"Do you think you're lucky?"

"Just a bit lucky!"

But isn't it? It's been less than a year since she made her debut. It's not easy to get this opportunity already.

"Actually, I like '13 Sisters' more than 'The Legend of the Eagle'.

"What made you feel that way?"

"I don't have a leading role in 'Thirteen Sisters'. I am not the main character, so I have less of a role to play and I am less burdened. It's not like playing Huang Rong, who is the main female character. I'm afraid I won't be able to grasp it."

"Seen your own performance?"

"I haven't had the chance yet, but I've been told that my performance wasn't too good. But I'm doing my best!"

The pressure from the outside is undoubtedly too heavy, and it is a bit unfair for her to be compared to Michelle in terms of how good or bad her performance is.

source: http://www.barbarayung.net/ Intelligence Weekly NO25 p8~9



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本文資料來源:情報周刊 NO25 p8~9

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