An interview from the days of The Sandwich Man.

"A dragon of luck", I believe this phrase to describe the man or woman is appropriate, since the shooting of "The Legend of the Shooting Hero", Yung Mei Ling's popularity also relatively jumped dozens of times, especially to get the company reused again She has also appeared as the first female lead in another new drama.

In addition to her career success, she is also enviable in love. She has been dating Kent Tong for almost half a year and their relationship has been going well.

"How far along are you in your relationship?"

"It's not the same."

"Is Kent a romantic person and what are your pastimes in dating?"

"We are both realistic people, there is nothing romantic about us. It's just shopping, watching movies, and playing mahjong."

"Is playing mahjong a part of dating?"

"It's better to have other friends to spice things up when you've been seeing each other for a long time, and there's nothing to do when you're locked up.

"If you're happy in love, you should be unhappy in gambling?"

"Who says so? Every time I play, I win. I'm scared of those sparrows!"

"You don't look like a sparrow master?"

"It's true that I'm not a sparrow master, but I just beat my teacher to death with my blind fist!" Weng Meiling said smugly.

"Did you also like to play mahjong in England?"

"No, I didn't know how to play mahjong before I came back to Hong Kong, or maybe I should say before I joined the TV industry, but since I know how to play it, I think it's a good game."

"Did Kent teach you?"

"Sometimes! It's not that hard to learn how to play mahjong. I've seen others get better at it and I'll get better."

"Does Kent like to play mahjong too?"

"Not really. He doesn't get too caught up in it, and he doesn't really have the time."

"Do you consider yourself lucky? It's like everything is going your way."

"A lot of people ask me that, lucky! Yes, indeed."

"Is there a psychological burden?"

"Of course there is. But I just do my best and I hope that luck never leaves me."

Who wouldn't want the gods of luck to be with them forever, but it's not always the case. I hope she can cherish what she has now.



盲拳打死老师傅 翁美玲情场赌场两得意
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​​​ “走运一条龙”,相信这句话要来形容男或女都是恰当的,自从拍摄过《射雕英雄传》后,翁美玲的知名度也相对跳升数十倍,尤其是获得公司再度重用,在另一个新剧中,也以第一女主角身份出现。

























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